Ruby Hard Tank Build


You are immortal, probably you can get the zero death game ending, go tank all of damage and protect your team members. Every time you need the tank, okay Ruby!

This build, gear suggestions from “iFlekzz”, thank you for that.

Ruby Hard Tank Build

Firstly: Cursed Helmet

Cursed Helmet


AoE damage and Magic resistance. Deals 2% of your Max HP as Magic damage over time to nearby enemies, including minions, which is very good for wave clearing.

When enemies are near you, they will soak up a lot of your damage. When using this Gear, always remember to build with high HP, otherwise you are wasting its Unique Passive.

Secondly: Magic Shoes

Magic Shoes


for of course 10% CDR

Then: Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice


Decreases movement speed of nearby enemies by 5%
Decreases crit chance of nearby enemies by 5%
Decreases attack speed of nearby enemies by 30%

These two gears( Cursed Helmet and Dominance Ice) are very useful for Ruby as it will only take effect when enemies are up close, which works perfectly well for Ruby.

Then: Demons Advent

Demons Advent


for Armor, Enemy damage reduction

Then: Bloodthirsty King

Bloodthirsty King


for Tonnes of HP

Finally get this item: Immortality



Resurrect and Magic resistance

I personally don’t play Ruby as a tank so you’ll have to take iFlekzz’s words for it. It has pretty decent amounts of HP, armor and magic resistance and it looks like a pretty good tank build.
Another reason this build is good is because of Cursed Helmet and Dominance Ice.Since Ruby pulls enemies toward her, a lot of them will be very up close to Ruby.


If enemy has Blade of Destruction, or Blade of Destruction + Scarlet Phantom, which deals tonnes of crit damage and has a very high crit chance, you can consider swapping out Immortality for Heart of Steel, since Heart of Steel causes enemies to lose 20% crit chance, and provides a little bit more armor. However, you do trade off your Resurrect. But I think it is a good trade since the enemy will deal a lot less damage to you.

That said, it really is up to you on how you want to Build Ruby.

As a tank, it is vital that you study the opponent’s builds every once in awhile to help you optimize your own build.
If enemies have heavy physical damage but you build a lot of Magic Resistance, you’re wasting your time.
Sometimes, the enemy composition won’t even have a Mage, since there are much more physical heroes than magical heroes.If for some weird reason the enemy has a ton of Magic Damage, Saint’s Refuge is a pretty good pic too, replacing Demon’s Advent.

So always be alert. That is one of the secrets of being a Good Tank.

Another important part of being a Good Tank is to always be ready to sacrifice yourself. As a Tank, you are the first to go into battle, and the last to leave. Dying if you must.

I once played Minotaur with Miya and Yi Sun Shin behind my back. We had a small team fight against an enemy Sun, Alpha and Ruby. The 3 of the enemies focused their damage on me as I tanked all their CC and damage, while my backline Marksman slaughtered them all. I died in the end. But it was a 1 death for 3 kills trade. Well worth it.


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Ruby one of the best cc heroes and probably the best support/stunner in the game right now. Such a beast