5 Blade of Destruction – Balmond Build

Mobile Legends Balmond Attack Build

This is very powerful build from good players choice, you can try this build and don’t forget the comment my friend. I think you will like this build 🙂

Okay I admit it’s weird. But working 🙂 Be MVP this build!

Balmond is one of the most popular heroes in Mobile Legends together with Yun Zhao. And as I main this hero, I tried several build to unleash his full potential in battle until I came to this point of concluding the best gear for him. Aside from perfect item build, I’m also going to share the mechanics of this build so you can become MVP on every match you play.

To be honest the concept of this build is based on how I build my Garen in full AD. And just like Garen, Balmond has natural tankiness due to his passive. He is also a spin-to-win champion that makes me convinced that this build is going to work. So let’s go!

+AoE damage – This is the best thing in this build. As you can see two of Balmond’s skills are AoE. With this build, you will never have a problem with multiple kills.
+Critical procs well with your 2nd skill – This is our bread-and-butter. The key in this build.

-off-tank – Balmond is played to be an initiator thus he should be build as full tank. But unlike with traditional Balmond build, we will make him a nonstop killing machine.

Even you are using the same perfect build as mine, with poor mechanics, you can’t still have the same result. The game it is how the way you play and execute your action based on the gear you are wielding. That is why I received some comment telling me that my build is sucks. It is because they don’t fully understand the mechanics of how I execute actions.

For you to clearly understand. First you must keep in mind that you are not tank. This is very important because this is the main disadvantage of this build. You are not the typical Balmond that you can go in the line of fire and initiate clash. This build is for killing hordes of hero instantly and not to tank their damage. As possible, you must avoid and not get the full attention of your opponent. You need someone to initiate an attack. You are going to be a follow up. The best thing in this build is that you can eliminate several heroes at once. Unlike with marksman that relies on their basic attacks, they need time to eliminate multiple target. In this build, several target will not be a problem as your 2nd and ultimate can be an insta-kill.

Balmond Attacker Build

Firstly: Blade of Destruction

Blade of Destruction

You need 5 pieces of Sword of Destruction to have 100% critical strike chance. This will also gives +75 physical attack. Some Pro players like me questioning my build of why not other item that gives critical chance such as Thor Sting, Despair, or Phantom. Actually those items are in between. I need to ensure a 100% critical rate to make this build work while not sacrificing my attack damage. I’m very comfortable that only 5 pieces of Sword of Destruction can make this build works like a charm. You need 100% critical chance to works with your spin and that will make him overpowered.

Then: Rapid Boots

Rapid Boots


For the last slot which is going to be my 2nd item in this build, I go for Rapid Boots. I need a good investment on movement speed so I can roam and be a real nonstop killing machine.

Once I completed that item, I used to sell my boots and adapt my final build on my opponent. If I’m dealing with enemy having a hard burst magic damage, I get magic resist item. If i’m dealing with tank, I buy Wind Chaser to penetrate their armor.

Shortly Attacker Balmond Gears

Mobile Legends Balmond Attacker Build

Balmond Some Results With This Build

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make one 4 alpha and natalia pls


More like this balmond need someone to fully babysit him before getting at least 2-3 blade of destruction.


what as stupid build hahaha… i bet you can’t do that on RG … MG are for trolls


It’s an old school build tho…..

Satyr Myra@0
Satyr Myra@0

Balmond…..speciality-crowd controlcrowd control¬†andregenregen. #Intro BALMOND is a fighter, still he can be played as a tank with the help of his passive(regen 4percent of hp when u kill minion. Regen 10percent of hp when he kill a hero). But even if he is played as tank with tank emblem, balmond cant absorb so much damage as other tanks, tigreal minotaur,etc. He’s only tanky when he get kill or assit(when u get blood thirsty king). Of course even tanks are killed and didn’t get out of the battle if they dive too much. So don’t dive too muh. (^_^) (^_^)¬† #Skills… Read more »