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Which server is mine?


Follow the steps below to find out which server is on.

Tap on your avatar, and you should be able to see your server next your id number (in the brackets).

Why are there multiple servers?

As more and more players join, only having 1 server will make the game too slow and create lag, leading to a poor gaming experience for players, so we open new servers. But don’t worry, all servers are connected, and you will still be able to make teams with friends on different servers and play.

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How to change server? admin?


I changed my server together with that i cannot retrieve my old account anymore

lhenn dable

hi i just wanna ask I think someone is trying to hack my ML account I got 849+ unknown friends even if I dont accept them . i hope you could help me with this problem

roy ocsales

how do i update my account if i coudnt see the advance server when i tap my icon


plz hepl me do not received may diamond.. i will buy now 1k diamon.plz check ur site ..tenk u..