Vexana the Necromancer Guide Build

Vexana the Necromance Guide Build

Vexana is a high-risk damage mage, capable of dealing tremendous burst damage with just one spell. She alone possesses one of the most unique abilities in the game, and that is to resurrect and control dead enemy heroes as her puppets. Her damage alone, is devastating but all of her skills require precision and almost perfect timing to fully master her. One of the reasons why Vexana doesn’t get picked a lot is because of how difficult her skill shots and how risky she is… Which is true but landing any of her skills are highly rewarding.

Vexana the Necromancer Guide Build

Why Should Players Pick Vexana?

I alone possess the ability to deal large amounts of damage with only one spell. You will see their pitiful health bars that rise above above them, dissipate in a mere second. I can make them my slaves. Did I mention that my presence alone, terrifies enemy heroes? They may underestimate me but, I can be spooky, as well. They will come to a pitiful end!

Shortly History

Vexana was a queen of a very peaceful kingdom but when Alice tempted her own husband, she grew furious and made a deal with the “Dark Lord” to gain youth and beauty but she must make sacrifices daily. Every day in the kingdom, many young and beautiful maidens disappeared. The kingdom grew weaker and thus, collapsed. Vexana grew to be a terrifying force, empowered by anger and revenge on Alice. She is really ANGRY at Alice. Screw Alice.

Vexana Skills and Skill Combination Tips

Passive: [Necromancy Spell]

Adds an occult spell to targets who take damage from the Necromancer, lasting 5s. While the spell lasts, the target will explode upon death, dealing 320~600 magic damage to surrounding units (base damage increases with level). Units who receive plague damage from puppets will also have Necromancy Spell cast on them.

Tips: In the laning phase, take advantage of this by constantly attacking the enemy minions in any way possible for the explosion. Lanes get cleared very fast because of this. Explosions in teamfight are the best!

1st Skill: [Charmed Specter]

Unleashes ghostly power in a forward direction dealing 250/280/310/340/370/400 magic damage. The first hero hit will lose control and move towards the Necromancer, lasting 1/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5s.

Tips: Landing this skill is important for many combos, so try to perfect the aim every time! This skill moves very slow but if landed, it can cancel almost any enemy skill such as Fanny’s flight.

2nd Skill: [Nether Snare]

Summons an other-worldly power to deal 600/670/740/810/880/950 magic damage to a specified location.

Tips: The BIG BOOM skill. Her most important and damaging skill yet. Landing this skill PERFECTLY is so important because the damage and impact it provides is huge! Again, the cast time is VERY slow so chaining it with other disables from your teammates will help a lot. Consistent practice is key.

Ultimate: [Cursed Oath]

Puts a curse on enemy heroes that lasts 10/10/10 seconds (cannot be actively lifted), which deals 200/250/300 magic damage, and causes the targets to receive 60/75/90 magic damage per second and reducing health recovery by 70%/80%/90%. If a target dies while under the curse, the target will resurrect and become the Necromancer’s puppet, fighting for the Necromancer. A resurrected puppet will inherit 70% of the original pre-death attributes and continuously deal plague damage to surrounding targets, dealing  a percentage of the enemy’s max HP as magic damage. Puppets last 20 seconds.

Tips: For maximum efficiency, put your control settings to “Target Lowest HP First.”. Only cast this spell when you are sure that hero is going to die! It is best put on enemy Marksman or Tanks for the sweet survivability/extra damage they provide. Successful use of this skill will grant you a well, teammate that makes a teamfight, 6v4!

If you’ve noticed, two of her skills require immaculate precision and aim to get good at Vexana. To perfect Vexana, you need to get good on landing skillshots first.

Skill Combos

  • Single Target Nuke: 1st > 2nd > Ult
  • Let Me Deceive You: 2nd > 1st > Ult
  • You Will Be My Pet!: Dying Enemy? > Ult > 1st > 2nd

Skill Leveling Order

  • Max First: Skill 2
  • Level It Up Whenever Possible: Ult
  • Max It Last: Skill 1

Recommended Battle Spell

[Flicker] As Vexana has no mobility skill or any other escape, Flicker is the BEST option. Ambushed by a Karina? Flicker. Zilong rushing at you from behind? Flicker. Whole enemy team coming at you? Flicker. Your immortal enemy saying hello? Flicker!

[Purify] This can be your escape skill in a teamfight situation when the enemy team is full of disabling skills. But then again, Flicker is better suited but pick Purify if you’d like. Cyclops trapped you? Purify. Chou trying to knock you up? Purify. Caught in an Aurora freeze? Purify. That horrendous, disgusting enemy Alice rooting you? Purify! Ugh.

Vexana: “Oh, apologies my pet. I’m just too infuriated at that barbaric… Corrupt… Wretched… SCAND*L**S ALICE. I miss my husband, my people, my kingdom… Sorry dear, I’m mumbling again. Anyways, I also suggest FLICKER as it provides me both a defensive and aggressive tactics. I do in fact deal tremendous damage but if any of them lay their hands on me… I’ll be dead.” (No wait, I’m already dead. Who cares.)

Recommended Vexana Build

First: [Enchanted Talisman]

Enchanted Talisman

One of Vexana’s early weaknesses is the huge amount of mana needed to cast a skill. This is evident with her 2nd skill, so that’s why Enchanted Talisman is here. 20% cooldown reduction along with the blue buff if you get it, makes Vexana’s skill slightly spammable! With great mana, comes great catastrophic power.

Then: [Arcane Boots]

Arcane Boots

Mobility and boots are a must on every hero but with +15 magic penetration, you cannot say no to this splendid item for mages. The penetration will help deal the exact damage you want to your enemies.

Then: [Glowing Wand]

Glowing Wand

5% movement speed, another +15 magic pen and it’s insanely useful passive is a big powerspike for Vexana. Her ULTIMATE deals damage over time, adding the passive from Glowing Wand will make the kill, overkill.

Then: [Lightning Truncheon]

Lightning Truncheon

The +75 magic power adds another oomphf to your 2nd skill along with it’s deadly passive… Resonate. The +30 mana regen is just another bonus treat for Vexana, what matters is how the passive is gonna hurt with your 2nd skill.

Then: [Concentrated Energy]

Concentrated Energy

Another addition to the magic power coupled with +700 HP for som sweet survival rate and oh… Spell Vamp? Coupling this with your 2nd skill damage, heals a LOT. Most especially when successfully hitting it on multiple enemy heroes. And with a heal each kill, boom shaka laka!

Finally: [Holy Crystal]

Holy Crystal

The big item for every damage mage out there, the Holy Crystal. +25% magic power, +90 and that godly passive, you are capable of one-shotting squishies with just skill 2. At this point, you are a walking time bomb, so be careful now about your positioning.

Recommended Allies, Counterpicks and Enemies

Excellent Allies for Vexana

  • Chou
  • Ruby
  • Tigreal

Vexana Counters These Heroes

  • Alice
  • Minotaur
  • Fanny

Avoid This Enemies

  • Cyclops
  • Karina
  • Kagura

Note: All excellent allies for Vexana must have some sort of communication as their skills help Vexana to land her own. She can counter Alice’s health regen from her ult as well as Minotaur’s. She can only stop Fanny mid-flight if she lands her 1st skill PRECISELY. Lastly, she is vulnerable to mobile heroes and assault heroes, she won’t land any abilities on always-moving heroes.

Vexana Collection of Tips

Vexana: “Listen carefully, for you are about to hear what I have to say about my gameplay. I deal damage, okay? But receiving damage… I can’t do that, my pet. Play me like any high-damage but vulnerable mage. Be careful. I already know how death feels like… Indeed… I might be dead but, please be wise, my pet. Farewell.”

  • In the early game, all of my skills require a heavy amount of mana so buying two mana necklaces won’t hurt a bit. Get the blue buff as well.
  • You can practice landing the skills especially the 2nd skill on bot games. It helps.
  • Always be with a teammate, without flicker; you and I are dead.
  • The side lanes are ideal for laning, most especially top lane.
  • Be alert of the minimap, have map awareness. You don’t want to get ganked.
  • In teamfights, try to find any low health enemy hero. After so, use your ULT!
  • Prediction and decision making is key, all of my skills are really slow moving, yet damaging.
  • Using the 1st skill while in a bush will make the skill itself, invisible to enemy heroes.
  • THIS IS IMPORTANT, Vexana’s strength lies in the mid-late game.
  • Play passively while her items aren’t built.
  • Consider getting the Immortality item in the defense section if the games goes on too long.

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