Vexana Epic Build and Guide

Mobile Legends Vexana Guide Build

Vexana is one of the most underrated mages. She has high mobility, damage, and a game changing crowd control. She can kill enemies with just one skill. But despite all these pros, Vexana is very vulnerable to ganks and assassins when not handled properly. In this guide, you will learn how to play Vexana effectively.

Vexana Epic Build and Guide

Skill Tips and Skill Combination Tips

(Passive) Necromancy Spell Adds an occult spell to targets who take damage from the Necromancer, lasting 5//s. While the spell lasts, the target will explode upon death, dealing 320~600 magic damage to surrounding units (base damage increases with level). Units who receive plague damage from puppets will also have Necromancy Spell cast on them.


  • This passive is very useful when clearing out minion wave as well as harrassing an enemy in lane. This passive will be used effectively when you use.
  • “Nether Snare” in the middle of the minion wave. This will apply the passive on each minion and will eventually explode when the minion dies. The explosion covers a certain area that can damage the enemy health bar.

(1st Skill) Charmed Scepter Unleashes ghostly power in a forward direction dealing 250/280/310/340/370/400 magic damage. The first hero hit will lose control and move towards the Necromancer, lasting 1/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5s.


  • This skill is quite effective on enemies that are running away from you. This is also useful when you want to initiate a clash or a fight. But, this skill is not easy to land on the enemy. When using this skill, you have to predict the movement of your enemy because this skill does not apply gradually when you use it. It has some sort of delay because the skill travels in a wide straight line. This is also useful when you want to activate your passive.  But I do not recommend using it in a minion wave because it does little damage and a waste of mana. But if you really want to clear it fast, then you may use this. As much as possible, use this skill on enemy heroes only because you never know when will they attack you. This is also useful when an enemy hero is catching you, just use this skill and their movement speed will get very slow for a period of time making you and opportunity to ran away from them.

(2nd Skill) Nether Snare Summons an other-worldly power to deal 600/670/740/810/880/950 magic damage to a specified location.


  • This skill damages alot when placed and positioned carefully to hit an enemy hero. This skill very useful on clearing out minion wave. Just place this skill on the second minion (there are 3 minions in each wave right, place it on the middle.) In this way, this skill will hit all of the minions and will activate your passive. This skill deals a huge amount of magic damage. And is perfect for stealing lord, turtle, and jungle monsters when you placed and timed carefully. This skill can possibly one shot all of your enemies when you use it correctly, depending on the build of course.

(3rd Skill) Cursed Oath uts a curse on enemy heroes that lasts 10/10/10s (cannot be actively lifted), which deals 200/250/300 magic damage, and causes the targets to receive 60/75/90 magic damage per second. If a target dies while under the curse, the target will resurrect and become the Necromancer\’s puppet, fighting for the Necromancer. A resurrected puppet will inherit 70%/80%/90% of the original pre-death attributes and continuously deal plague damage to surrounding targets, dealing 8%/8%/8% of the enemy\’s max HP as magic damage. Puppets last 12/16/20s.


  • This skill is very useful when you have to secure a kill. In early game, I use this in two ways:
    – First, I use it when the enemy health bar is very low so that I can have a kill.
    – Second, I use it quickly when an enemy initiates a fight, why? because you have to make sure that you will deal an ample amount of magic over time so that you can have a space to use your skills. Using this skill is very situational. I will give some situations where you can use this skill at its best!
  • When battling in a 1vs2 situation, use this skill on the damage dealer. (The one who deals a huge amount of damage) Damage dealers can be mages, assassins, and marksman. You have to put your skills prior to the damage dealer so that when they die, they can help you deal damage on the enemy hero.
  • In a 5v5 clash, I recommend to use this skill on tanks. Why? This decreases the regen of their health bar because this skill does magic damage over a period of time. Your 1st and 2nd skill can deal huge damage on other enemy heroes thats why I suggest to use this on tanks. Specially when your team does not have a tank, or your tank is not tanky. But, you can use this on damage dealers to so that you will do more damage. When used in tanks, this will benefit your team because you will have another tank.

Vexana Skill Leveling Order

Vexana Skill Leveling Order

Note: You have to put priority on your second skill because it is the one that does major damage among all your skills. Max the first skill last because it is only used in engaging a fight or running away from your enemy. Then level up your ultimate whenever possible.

Vexana Battleground Spells

Sprint – Vexana need alot of movement speed so that she can place her skill perfectly on a moving enemy hero. Sprint will help Vexana catch up on clash. This will also help her travel lanes in a short period of time. This can be used on chasing enemy heroes or running away from them. But, this skill requires immediate decisioning because you use this to chase them and use your skills without holding back.

Flicker – I think this not that suitable for everyone like me. Using flicker means that you have a different playstyle on using Vexana. Flicker is just used in two ways, running away from an enemy or chasing them. Since this has a two minute cooldown, you only have to use this when you need it.

Vexana Recommended Build

When buying gears, you must know the composition of the enemy team. You just don’t buy the recommended ones. It’s only made for the new players. The secret why pro players use item effectively is that their build depends on the enemy composition.

Vexana Core Build

Vexana Core Build

Since Vexana is a mana efficient Hero, You won’t need Boots of Tranquility. You must get Rapid Boots because you have to move fast so that you can chase your enemies or run away from them. This also helps you to roam around the map fast. Enchanted Talisman is a mana regen item. It boosts your mana regen over time so that you may not ran out of mana quickly. Next is Blood Wings, the item that gives you the most Magic Power. This will help you deal burst damage.

Vexana Standart Build

Vexana Standart Build

Fleeting Time gives you magic power, mana regen and cooldown reduction. This is useful because it reduces the cooldown of your abilities, like its passive. In this way, you can spam your abilities.

Frost or Ice Queen Wand – gives you magic power, mana regen, and movement speed. This also gives you an advantage when you hit your enemy with your ability because it will slow them down. Which is a good tool to land your next ability.

Concentrated Energy – gives you magic power and a huge amount of HP. This will give you spell vamp, and regen when killing a hero. I suggest to use this because this will help you not be squishy.

Vexana Versus Tank Build

Vexana Versus Tank Build

You should use this build when the enemy team has tanks. 1 or 2. or maybe semi tanks. Why you should put the items on the last? Because tanks are at it’s best in the late game. In the early and mid game, you should play passively and carefully. Don’t waste your mana on tanks on that period of the game because they might counter you. (they might build a magic resist on their first item). In the early and mid game, focus on their damage dealers. Deal with the tanks on the late game. But why Devil Tears and Glowing Wand? Because both items have magic penetration which can lessen the magic resistance of the target.

Heroes That Go Well With Vexana

Tigreal – Why Tigreal? Well, he is one of the best clash initiators in the game. He has hard crowd control and take enemies wherever direction he wants. But what is the reason he goes well with Vexana? It’s pretty simple. When Tigreal lands his ultimate on enemies perfectly, Vexana can just put her Nether Snare on them then BOOM! A large chunk of damage will take their health bars away.

Zilong – Zilong is one of the best fighters of Mobile Legends. Although he is a basic hero, this guy can drain your health bar. He goes well with Vexana because when Zilong flips an enemy hero, Vexana can use her Charmed Scepter to keep the enemy in their area. In this way, Zilong and Vexana can deal alot of damage on the enemy and can possibly kill them.

Chou – Chou is a great fighter and tank. He is also a good initiator and can make beatiful plays. Chou goes well with Vexana because he has hard CC and tanky. Also, his knock up is useful for Vexana’s Nether Snare. His ultimate goes well with Vexana because she can use her Charmed Scepter to attract an enemy toward her creating some time to deal more damage by your allies.

Heroes That Vexana Counter

Odette – Odette’s ultimate takes time to deal more damage. But with Vexana’s Charmed Scepter, her ultimate can be cancelled quickly. In this way, Odette is now useless and will rely on her abilities.

Gord – Gord’s ultimate takes time to deal damage in a straight movable line. Although it is the primary weapon of Gord, this will be useless if Vexana hits her Charmed Scepter on him when he is using his ultimate. This will cancel the ultimate and Gord is now very vulnerable to lose the teamfight.

Lolita – Lolita’s ulitmate takes time to deal damage in a wide area. So this gives Vexana time to cast Charmed Scepter to cancel it. Though the update gave Lolita a buff, Vexana still counters Lolita. Lolita’s shield is useless to Vexana’s Nether Snare because it can’t block the skill and damage.

Heroes That Vexana Counter

Lancelot – Lancelot has a very high mobility. With its skills and his ultimate, Lancelot can quickly dash over the enemy or run away from them. In this way, Lancelot counters Vexana because his skills deal alot of damage in just a single skill.  Lancelot’s Thorned Rose counters Vexana in a way such that he is invulnerable for a very short time, tendency, Vexana’s skills will miss and will not do much damage.

Hayabusa – Hayabusa is one of the best assassins in the game. His skills and ultimate gives him a special way to retreat or chase enemies. With his shadows, he can go whenever he want from it. Hayabusa is very tricky hero, he can waste your skills through his shadows and his ultimate. and that’s why he counters Vexana.

Natalia – Natalia is a definite definition of assasin. She can silence you in just a very short period of time. She has invisibility, movement speed, and deals alot of damage. One of her skills make her invulnerable. She can quickly kill you if you are not mindful of her. She counters Vexana in a way wherein Vexana uses all of her skills and Natalia just go invulnerable then, there you go. You just wasted your skills making yourself vulnerable to be killed.

Vexana Counters


I hoped that you learned a lot about Vexana. This is the build that I use when I’m using her. It takes time and a lot of practice to apply the things you learned. Playing her is very situational, so you should decision quickly. Using this guide will not guarantee you a get to Mythic quick.This is just a guide wherein you can play Vexana effectively. I hope you learned so much from me!

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