Valir Hero Techniques and Build

Valir Hero Techniques and Build

Valir‘s offensive rating via auto-attacks is not something to be clamored off since being a mage, you would rather focus on his spells and that’s where his true power will be shown. Mages are focused on spells and abilities so it is t main priority.

Valir Hero Techniques and Build

Valir, the Son of Flames, is a mage hero that specializes in his flame burst powers. However, his pokes can still be damaging as much as he can burst down enemy heroes.

He has a mediocre durability rating, being a mage it’s always safe for mages to stay behind the team’s tanks together with their carries and be assisted by a support to avoid unnecessary deaths.

Overall, He is slightly difficult to master but with patience and practice, you can play Valir easily.

For items go for those who are basically magic items that can amplify your skills and nullify your laner’s attacks. Magic penetration and power is key to obliterate any enemy that stands on Valir’s way. Here are the items!

Valir Item-Gear Set

Item 1 [Holy Crystal]

Holy Crystal

This is one of the core items for Valir. Gives off a high magic power to increase his magic damage, its unique gives off more magic power and finally, this is useful for those like Valir, has some combo that first initiates then give off damage.

The Passive makes the second casted skill to be deadlier. This item would make Valir, a stronger burst hero in the game so take this whenever you can.

Item 2 [Arcane Boots]

Arcane Boots

Self-explanatory. You should always get boots for mobility and those who fast win the game. Take the Arcane Boots as we will need more magic penetration to burst them down to ashes.

Item 3 [Blood Wings]

Blood Wings

Get yourself more magic power and health. Valir can be squishy since he is a mage that specializes in a burst. Each Magic Power you have will increase his Health Points by 2. Getting enough durability and resistance against enemy heroes is a key to win a game with Valir as your hero. Get this item in the mid game to increase your potency and survivability.

Item 4 [Devil Tears]

Devil Tears

Another item that gives burst heroes more power, with additional 65 magic power, +40% magic penetration, and a passive that makes the penetration 70% if you have 70% or more health can make Valir a great hero in the game.

Get this when you finished building the first three items on the build. Having this can be easily useful for Valir as he lives in the burst and proper pokes. Pokes can be devastating with this item and bursts can be easily be done as well.

Item 5 [Glowing Wand]

Glowing Wand

More magical power and penetration by 75 and 15% respectively, this item can make your spells more hurtful and you can deal even more deadly damage than other mages.

Not to mention, you will also gain movement speed increase by 5% which is really great to chase enemies and escapes ganks and ambushes. This item is pretty useful in a lot of ways, oh not to mention, his passive is perfect for Valir as well as you SCORCH enemies as well and since Valir is a practitioner of fire magic, getting this item is like almost perfect for Valir, lore-wise, right?

Item 6 [Immortality]


And if they don’t die easily, you should probably not too. As a mage, you will be important in team fights most of the time to take this item and unleash hell on them.

How? It makes you tougher in the game, more Health Points to survive hits from your enemies, whether mages, assassins or fighters.

More Magic Resistance for those pesky enemy mages that can duel with you in terms of magical prowess and finally, the best part of this item is the passive that can resurrect you and return a bit of your HP to either finish the kill off or escape and avoid making the enemy score a kill.

Either way, this item is always the end game for those who would love to carry their team to victory so if this role is for you. Of course, there is no one quick build to set this up straight. There are a lot of builds for Valir and if you think that this build is perfect then it’s good as you can set up easily right now.

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