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Some useful tips and tactics. This post can help you to understand somethings. You can add your ideas by commenting. Thank you for sharing “BestJanna”.

Set your settings to target lowest hp & free aim mode. There is a somewhat little button below the attack button to rotate target between minions/tower/champion.

Due to how ML targetting system works you can actually abuse it during laning phase, some people dont know how to change/manually target using their skills button. So instead of their skills hitting you it’ll just hit the minions lol. Going sideways left/right side of your minions helps. Experiment with it and happy ranking ^^

The vision on this game is a joke, I mean like you can literally see someone beyond the mountains lmfao. Using this info make a habit to look at the minimap once every 2-5 sec to see if someone is mia in lane or where their position is. I get paranoid when the opponent uses Natalia… keeps on checking the map and the head signal on where she is Q.Q

Best way to farm is to last hit (killing blow), there is a big diff between last hitting and not 50g / 30g melee minion 121g / 90g seige minion. Total that in the long run.

Best way to farm is take jungle buff camp early on solo/leash, then the second jung camp. Follow this rthyem jung buff > jung > lane > lane > jung > lane > lane > jung buff > jung > lane and so on.

You will be more in gold and exp + jung buffs then your opponent.

Build lifesteal (Tooth of greed/fallen sword) as your second core item after upgraded boots if you are an AD for some sustainability in lane and on jung.

The item Deadly Blade counters tanks like Mino hard. It negates their hp regen by 50%. Get it ! No ones buys it ffs

And items with “Unique” on them does not stack it’s effect with each other of the same item name.

The ingame map is kinda not really mirrored in a way, it’s the opposite view actually. Like  on your POV you are going bot lane, your bot lane is your opponent top lane. That’s why sometimes in a match you will see bot lane has a fighter hero and the top lane has the opponent adc hero. Or in an easier prespective, the game ALWAYS starts with your red buff jung camp at the bottom side of the map and the opponent blue buff jung camp is also on the bottom side of the map. In other words there are no ” true Red side or true Blue side ” .

What we can do using this info is that you can abuse the camera angle vision of the game. You notice that you can see more things on the upper side of your screen rather then the bottom side of your screen, because the game camera is centered on your hero unit. Same as your opponent. So take advantage of it and fight/engage from their blind spot.

Try and make use of the minimap, you can click on the mini map to view different parts of the map as the game camera is mostly centered focus on your hero. Get used on using your fingers to move your hero and clicking on the minimap at the same time. The more vision you have + the more info you have = better gamemaking decissions.

Don’t buy the same item build in every matchups, it’s a noob trap. Change builds accordingly. You wouldn’t want to buy that magic reduction boots when the opponent has all AD and no mages now would you ?

Protect your last tower ( inhibitor ) at all cost ! It does not respawn unlike in League Of Legends. Once it’s destroyed it’s free lane pressure for that lane 24/7.

All of the game modes are blind picks. Even on rank modes it is a blind pick. There is no pick and ban phase. So pls adept and choose heroes accourdingly to what your team is lacking and don’t go full retard with an all AD team comp Yun, Balmond, Alucard, Miya, Bruno. You’ll get rekt on teamfights against a team on tank, mage, adc, fighter, assassin.

CC is often understimated in every moba game. More CC = easy win.

Layla at lvl 12 can freely hit EVERY towers including the victory tower outside of their hit range. Abuse it.

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im from iran and when i open the game nothibg happens in game loadin whats problem i connected to game just once and then …


I download it from google play and unistalled the game twice but it doesnt work. I think i have to forget this beautiful game… idk why nothing happens in game loading and after 3 min it says plz restart the game and then .. again and again ithink this game cant match with my country ip cuase i tried with another devices and but didnt work im sry i cant speak eg well


Same as my problem…


It was successful 3 days ago and after that my problems start again


Error 101


Same as problem as mohammad idk what happen…before update its ok but now its nothing.not loading.


Ok it load
We have to use ultrasurf VPN and its working just thus vpn

Noobita ^_^

What does acronyms means? Like CC, ADC, AD, and ADR.


I know AD means Attack Damage, not sure of the others tho…maybe ADC/R is attack damage critical/regen?
Also I believe CC stands for Crowd Control but could be wrong lol 🙂


Attack damage carry/ranged


Yup CC is crowd control