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Ultimate Roger All in One Guide & Incredible 47 Kill Game


Hey guys this is Etansun from SunBros. I have been posting videos and content on Mobile-Legends.net for a long time. Some of the Guides I’ve written include:

Ultimate Chou Guide – The Kung Fu Boy

Ultimate Freya Guide – The Goddess of War

Ultimate Alpha Guide – The Ultimate Weapon

Ultimate Kagura Guide – The Onmyouji Master

Ultimate Natalia Guide – The Church’s Assassin

I are currently in a contest to become the official instructor for beginners for Mobile Legends. The race is close but I am climbing an uphill battle. Please it would mean a lot to me if you could vote for me on the following link: 


Vote for SunBros by using the haha reaction:

Now on to the Roger All in One Guide video. I love Roger and I would recommend everyone to buy him. He earns a 10/10 in quality 10/10 in entertainment factor and 8/10 in difficulty to master. He is extremely effective and a ton of fun to play. He’s not too hard to just pick up and play but he’s not easy to master. Once you master him he’s virtually unstoppable. Check out the All in One Guide on Roger below and let me know what you think!

Build Order: 

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I can’t run my MLBB apps on android. It loads for 2 second and returned home. Please suggest me something to do in order to fix this, admin.




you may check ur android version..minimum 5.0 for mobile legend