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Ultimate Chou Guide – The Kung Fu Boy


Welcome to the Ultimate Chou Guide. Chou is a very fun and interesting hero to play. He has a kit built for dueling in a 1v1 situation and picking people off. Today we’re going to cover all of his abilities and how we use them to destroy enemies in 1v1 fights and pick off fed enemies to give your team a huge advantage in your team fight. I hope this guide helps you take your Chou game to the next level.

Chou’s role is that of a 1v1 duelist and a CC machine who excels at focusing on specific targets and picking them off during team fights. In a 1v1 situation Chou and use his 3 forms of CC to get you going on the CC train of death. Once Chou starts to get you on the CC Train you will most likely be dead before you get off.

Imagine your team is engaging in a 5v5 fight and the other team has had an advantage with a Rafaela who keeps getting key heals and great stuns off and causing your team to start to lose the game. What if you could have one of your teammates go in from the side and before anyone knows what happens Rafaela has disappeared and is dead. That’s what Chou brings to a team in a team fight situation. Chou may not be a great initiator like Freya or an assassin like Natalia but he is a very strong tool to a team that knows how to utilize him.

Please watch all the videos in the guide as they are an essential part of learning how to use Chou to dominate in 1v1 fights and learning to pick off key targets on the enemy team to turn a team fight. As always if you guys and enjoy the content please head over to our YouTube Channel and give us a Thumbs Up, Sunscribe and hit the Bell.

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  • Only Fast causes the first basic attack after moving 8 yards to do extra damage and stun the enemy.
    • It is in my opinion easily one of the best passives in the game.
    • The damage boost is substantial and the stun goes off more than you’d expect.
  • TIP: The distance traveled while completing any of his 3 abilities counts towards Only Fast going off again. Often times even though you start a fight with Only Fast it will still go off after doing any of his abilities.

  • In Jeet Kune Do Chou punches forward 3 times, while the first 2 punches slow in an AOE the 3rd knocks enemies up.
    • The damage is nice and if you do Jeet Kune Do before you hit a basic attack you will stun the enemy as they land.
    • Feel free to Shunpo before you cast Jeet Kune Do because the ability resets the cooldown for Shunpo.
  • Jeet Kune Do can be cast before or after The Way of The Dragon depending on the situation to maximize the CC Train.
  • TIP: While Casting Jeet Kune Do Chou actually performs a small dash so you can use it to try to get away or chase.

  • Shunpo is a very short dash and while dashing Chou is immune to all damage and crowd control effects.
    • The dash is short but can be used to dash over the smaller walls in the game.
  • The easiest use for this ability is to dash to enemies or away from them.
  • Take the time to master timing Shunpo just right to avoid either large damaging abilities or hard crowd control. In example of this is in the highlight video at https://youtu.be/tREfR7qcYJU?t=1m59s
  • TIP: Use Shunpo to dash through your desired enemies and kick them in the direction you would like with Way of the Dragon.

  • The Way of the Dragon kicks an enemy airborne in the direction Chou is facing and if cast again Chou will go to that location and repeatedly kick the enemy.
    • The damage is very substantial with The Way of the Dragon and the CC is very long.
    • If combined with the other 3 abilities, The Way of the Dragon makes Chou almost impossible to beat 1v1.
  • The Way of the Dragon is a great tool in team fights to pick off the enemy that is causing your team the most trouble.
  • TIP: Use The Way of the Dragon as a tool to escape. If you click it only one time it will simply kick the enemy away and create separation so you can get away.

Item Build: 

1.                      2.                      3.


4.                        5.                         6. 


I like to play Chou with a ton of burst damage. One of the main reasons is because the extra damage done by his passive is worth it. If you do this build you could potentially crit with your passive and hit well over 3k damage with 1 basic attack. Because crit is the basis of this idea the first item we go is Blade of Destruction. We follow that up with solid life steal with Tooth of Greed which is great considering the kind of great burst damage can provide. Next, we get an item that I find essential on Chou which is Rapid boots. When it comes to team fighting Chou’s main job is to sneak into the mayhem and use The Way of the Dragon to kick the other teams most important player out of the fight and kill them. Movement speed along with the ability Shunpo assists you to get in and out with the person you want without getting killed. After that, we got with one of our favorite physical damage items in Blade of Despair for its incredible 130 physical attack among other things. 5th we take Thor’s Sting which is a key item in any good crit build. Lastly, we take Scarlet Phantom because not only are the stats great but the passive is so powerful. If your game goes a long time and you want to sell boots buy Wind Chaser and get yourself some solid physical penetration.

Battle Spells:



I take interference on Chou nearly every game because Chou’s tower diving ability is off the chain. Even with the nerf’s to Interference which makes it harder for many heroes’s to tower dive. Chou can still Shunpo under the tower, stun the enemy with his Passive and kick them out from under tower with The Way of the Dragon and knock them up with Jeet Kune Do upon landing and before they know what hit them they are dead. The only other ability I use sometimes is Purify. If I’m having problems getting into the enemy team and kicking out the target I want because of getting stunned I take Purify.


(Combo Guide, BA = Basic Attack, 1 = Jeet Kune Do, 2 = Shunpo, ULT = The Way of the Dragon)

Chou’s combos are fairly straight forward.

The first main combo for Chou is 2-BA-ULT-1-BA. This is my favorite for the CC Train of Death.

Next, if you are trying to catch up to an enemy running away use 1-BA-ULT-BA-2-BA.

To Get away from an enemy you’ll do either BA-ULT-2 or 1-BA-ULT-2.

To get in during a team fight and kill a specific target you’ll do ULT-BA-1-BA

Thank you guys so much for reading our Ultimate Chou Guide. I hope this will be helpful in getting you to be a master of 1v1 fights with the CC Train of death and able to pick off the key target on the enemy team during team fights. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment sections of this article or our YouTube videos. If you enjoyed the video’s and the guide please give us a thumbs up, Sunscribe to our channel and hit that Notification Bell. We’ll continue to bring you the absolute highest quality Mobile Legends content out there.

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Dear Sunbros ,

How to pick enemy as my wish / will .. when team fight is like auto pick .. btw

And im often when using my ULT is like 1 kick not kick rapidly like u said before ..

What emblem is suitable / spell too ?
And strategy in team fight and early till late game .

Hope u reply my comment

Best Reagrads,


Turn on the ‘Hero Lock’ in the ‘Settings>Controls’. So you can lock the hero you wanna ULT and then use your ULT. You will target the enemy hero you locked on so you don’t ULT the wrong hero. And you can cast the ULT 2 times, so the 2nd time you press ULT, you’ll ‘rapidly’ kick the enemy.

Fus Ro Dah!!
Fus Ro Dah!!

Hi Sunbros,

Any idea what is the build for latest updated item? mainly for high crit.