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Welcome to the Ultimate Alpha Guide. Alpha has quickly become one of my go to hero’s. He has a kit similar to Freya’s in that he’s made to initiate team fights and wreck havoc on the enemy team. Today we’re going to cover all of his abilities and how we use them to destroy enemies in team fights and became an unstoppable difference maker for your team. I hope this guide helps you take your Alpha game to the next level.

Alpha’s first role in a team is that of an initiator. Due to some nerfs to Freya and the potency of Alpha’s ULT I believe that Alpha has taken over as the best initiator in the game. Alpha can without being stop ULT into the enemy team and get his other 2 abilities off to cause true damage to the entire other team and set your team up for a successful team fight and help carry them to victory.

Please watch all the videos in the guide as they are an essential part of learning how to use Alpha to take control in all team fights and learn to wreck havoc on the enemy team and get the advantage you need for the win. As always if you guys and enjoy the content please head over to our YouTube Channel and give us a Thumbs Up, Sunscribe and hit the Bell.

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  • To understand Go, Beta! you first have to understand that all 3 of Alpha’s abilities are followed up by an attack by Beta, Alpha’s ship.
  • When Beta successfully hits an enemy hero 2 times Go, Beta! goes off and does true damage over a short period of time.
  • Go, Beta! needs to be a major focus for anyone who hopes to be an expert Alpha player.
    • The damage goes up significantly and if you pull off your abilities successfully you can easily get Go, Beta! to go off on 3-5 enemies.
    • One of the main reasons for getting cool-down reduction on Alpha is to get his passive to go off more frequently.
  • TIP: Getting Go, Beta! to go off early in lane is an easy way to punish enemies early. If you get 2 abilities off and Go, Beta! the enemy will go down well below 50%.

  • With Rotary Impact Alpha slashes the ground with his spear in a straight line and Beta follows up that attack by flying by and shooting that same line.
    • The damage and slow of Rotary Impact will hit every enemy within that line and its not very hard to hit multiple enemies with it.
    • Leveling Rotary Impact does not make the slow any better. Only the damage goes up which is why I prefer to level Force Swing first.
  • TIP: Don’t underestimate the slow effect of Rotary Impact when you want to either catch up to a target or ensure that they can’t get away when securing a kill.

  • When Alpha uses Force Swing he swings his spear in a half circle in front of himself and he deals damage and slows enemies.
    • Alpha gains attack speed and HP for each enemy he hits while he swings. The attack speed and HP is increased with each time the ability is leveled up.
  • Beta follows up this attack with shooting a laser in a line at the edge of Alpha’s swing.
  • Force Swing has good range and can be casted while moving to get max distance on it. This enables Force Swing to be a very effective tool to get Go, Beta! off on a low HP enemy and secure the kill.
  • TIP: Don’t underestimate how great that buff of attack speed and HP can be at just the right time. Starting a 5v5 team fight off with a huge buff to attack speed is huge.

  • During Spear of Alpha, Alpha throws the spear to the targeted location stunning who ever is in range of where it lands. He is the pulled to the spear and does damage and knocks up all enemies along the way.
  • Spear of Alpha is in my opinion the best team fight initiator in the game. With some practice, hitting 3-5 enemies with Spear of Alpha is not impossible.
    • Starting a team fight with 3-5 enemies crowd controlled is amazing.
    • Even better is that Alpha can follow this amazing engage up with his first 2 abilities and get Go, Beta! to go off on all those enemies.
  • When used correctly Spear of Alpha can help you win any team fight. Not only because of the crowd control but because of the damage it allows Alpha to follow with.
  • TIP: You can use Spear of Alpha to escape because it knocks up enemies along the way to your freedom and you can use it to go over walls to safety.

Item Build:

1.                        2.                       3. 


4.                         5. blank                       6. 


This started as a bit of an experimental build that I was trying that ended up working out really nicely. Alpha thrives on his abilities and getting his passive Go, Beta! to go off and do that delicious true damage. Having said that our first item is Hunter Strike as it gives us a legit amount of physical attack and that amazing 20% Cooldown Reduction so we can use all of our abilities that much more often and get Go, Beta! going even more. Second I take Tooth of Greed so I can get my Lifesteal on and concentrate on spending more time getting Gold and XP. Next we go Blade of Destruction because it provides the first big boost to Alpha’s basic attack damage. Next we take Blade of Despair because it is a stupid good item for all hero’s that do Physical Attack damage. The next item we take is Thor’s Sting which gives us even more Attack Speed and gives us 50% Critical Strike Chance. Last we take Immortality for the 800 HP but more importantly the ability to come back to life. The reason Immortality works so well on Alpha is because when Alpha comes back to life at the very least he has his first 2 abilities and can do a very good amount of damage and potentially get Go, Beta! off again. Since we go Cooldown Reduction though, Alpha frequently comes back to life in late game situations with his ULT up too which is so devastating for the other team at that point in the encounter.

Battle Spells:



I frequently find that the only thing that can actually stop be as Alpha is an abundance of Crowd Control effects. That is exactly why I frequently take Purify because it can be a big time difference maker on Alpha very often. If I feel that my team has multiple people engaging at Melee range and I don’t think I’ll be so exclusively targeted for Crowd Control effects than I will consider taking Healing Spell. Healing Spell mostly help me early to mid game to give me that extra edge I need to win a big time lane fight or early team fights.


There is no wrong way to complete Alpha’s combo’s as long as you get them all off and get Go, Beta! off. I will however give you a few hints on what I do and when. When I’m just generally opening a fight I go ULT-1-2-AA. The reason why I go with ability 2 as the last of my 3 abilities is because I generally have taken some damage at this point and I get health back from using it. You also get more out of the Attack Speed buff if you wait to use that ability last. Generally speaking though based on the positioning of enemies you can use 1 or 2 to get things started because after you ULT you will have those abilities back to use again and Go, Beta! starts going off even sooner. All in all focus on getting Go, Beta! off and and using the ULT when you get can 2-3+ enemies to make the most of it.

Thank you guys so much for reading our Ultimate Alpha Guide. I hope this will be helpful in helping you be that key that helps open up team-fights for your team and your win rate with Alpha goes UP! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment sections of this article or our YouTube videos. If you enjoyed the video’s and the guide please give us a thumbs up, Sunscribe to our channel, hit that Notification Bell and please share our stuff! We’ll continue to bring you the absolute highest quality Mobile Legends content out there.

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