Tips on Team Composition – Detailed

Tips on Team Composition Detailed

Hey there is a awesome tips about Team Composition, you can use this suggestions, and always add your idea by commenting. This post from “Liith” thank you.

Here are a few problems I’ve noticed in Team Compositions.

1) Too many marksman

I once played a game with 4 marksman and boy does it suck to be the tank for a useless team) Marksman have high damage output but are the easiest to kill in game due to their low health

2) Absence of a strong frontline, especially a good Tank

Tanks are extremely powerful as they can literally turn the tide of battle. As a tank, you can soak up tonnes of damage from the enemy team while your team deals damage from behind you. Your role is basically to keep them safe.

3) No proper initiator (An initiator is someone who is able to start a Team Fight)

Having a good initiator is extremely important as some heroes who can’t initiate, will insta die if they start a Team Fight

4) No mage

Not having a mage can work, but having a good mage in your team can help deal a lot of extra damage, I’ll explain later on

5) No marksman

In certain rare occasions, I’ve come across a team who have mainly fighters, and literally no marksman

Note: Before I continue, let me just provide a brief explanation of what different roles are responsible of, for those who don’t play other MOBA games


The most important hero in your team. Due to Marksman having extremely high Sustain Damage (Continuous Damage from basic attacks), they are the key to taking down enemy turrets and killing the enemy in team fights. Going into a Team Fight without a marksman is extremely risky as your damage output will not be high enough. As a Marksman, your #1 job is to stay alive, keep farming, and deal tonnes of damage


Always the first into a team fight, and the last to leave a team fight, unless you die. Tanks have to be willing to sacrifice, taking up damage from the enemy team, and protecting your fellow allies. A good tank can trade 1 death for 3 kills, which is a worthwhile trade. However, if your team’s marksman dies, even though most of your team survives the team fight, you won’t be able to push turrets as effectively as marksman do. A tanks death is the best option compared to other heroes. Another important tip when playing a tank is to constantly check your enemy’s build, and to adapt your build based on theirs, adjusting your Armor and Magic Resistance to optimize your performance as an effective tank.


Fighters are quite versatile, as they can be built with Offensively, or Defensively, however, the hybrid of the two being the best option. When building Fighters, always have a few defensive gears up your sleeve to help you stay alive. Fighters such as Alpha, Ruby, are good initiators, since they have some crowd control while they dive the enemy team. Fighters should also be in the front line, taking some of the damage to help out your tank. Also when an Initiator initiates, the rest of the team have to be ready to dive the enemy team, otherwise the Initiato will die for nothing.


Mages, are useful, as in the current meta, there are more Physical Heroes than Magical Heroes. Therefore having a mage in the team can disrupt the enemy’s gear build. If your team has 5 physical heroes, the enemy won’t have to bother about magic resistance. However, if they don’t bother about magic resistance if you are playing a mage, you can deal tonnes of burst damage as their build isn’t accustomed to defend against magical attacks. And even if they do have some magic resistance, get the Astral Wand for some Magic Penetration, and you will find yourself dealing a lot of damage in team fights. Just like Marksman, Mages should also be in the backline dealing Burst Damage, however a Marksman is still way the most important part of a team composition. Side note: Alice is a very good initiator too.


These heroes are primarily in charge of hunting down the enemy Marksman, especially when the enemy Marksman is caught off guard or laning alone. The role of an assassin is to hunt the enemy Marksman, preventing them from farming and getting stronger, which will benefit the rest of your team a lot. In Team Fights, assassins are at a loss, as they too are extremely squishy. However, if timed right, you can dive in when the enemy has used most or all of their crowd control, then assassinate the marksman in the back line, and get out of the chaos before you suffer too much damage. Playing assassins IMO, is one of the most difficult. Assassins are at their peak mid-game, but lose their strength as it approaches late-game, as they aren’t build well for huge team fights. Therefore, if you are playing an assassin, do try to end the game as fast as possible.


Support heroes are designed to aid in team fights, and are specifically designed to protect the ally marksman. In early laning, a marksman should always go with a Support or Tank, try not to solo lane with marksman as you can be hunted down easily. Support heroes are equipped with a skillset of crowd control to aid in huge team fights, or to control the enemies while the marksman deals damage, and also basically to help marksman stay alive. Rafaela has heal, stun and slow-down, Minotaur can tank and can heal, Nana has a very strong crowd control, immobilizing the enemy, Lolita has stun, slow down, and a very effective shield to block enemy projectiles, especially incoming damage from enemy marksman.

A Good Team Composition Consists of

1) A marksman (not more than two)

Having a marksman is a must to be able to take down turrets effectively, otherwise, you will find it rather difficult to win the game. Having 2 marksman can be good, but only if you have a strong frontline (tank, fighter) as marksman are extremely squishy if targeted.

2) A strong frontline, usually a minimum of one tank

Team compositions with more than one tank, are quite powerful as they will be difficult to take down, and tanks generally have strong crowd control, however, you trade off a lot of damage, and therefore have to ensure that your backline can deal a lot of damage and is constantly protected

3) Decent amounts of crowd control

In the current meta, crowd control is extremely important, so having heroes like Chou, Ruby, Nana, etc, basically heroes who have a lot of stun/disabling effects (airborne), will really help keep the enemies helpless while the your team slaughters the enemy team

4) A mage (though optional)

As I’ve mentioned before, mages are optional though extremely useful if present. Mages are usually the best choice to go mid-lane alone during early game, which is during the laning phase

5) Good hero synergy

Some heroes work extremely well together and can really benefit the team. Some examples include,
Minotaur + Rafaela = Making the very tanky Minotaur even more tanky, and now you have two heroes that can heal
Alpha + Ruby = A lot of burst crowd control (Ruby and Alpha) and burst damage from Alpha
Ruby + Nana = Ruby can control the enemies while Nana uses her Ult
Miya + Minotaur = Early game, this combo can take a lot of damage while also dealing a lot of damage, and Mino can heal Miya too.
Tigreal + Miya = When Tigreal controls the enemies, a cluster of them together makes it especially good for Miya’s split arrows to be at its prime
Chou + Nana = A lot of airborne
Chou + Saber = A lot of knock-up damage, focusing damage on single target, making them feel helpless
Franco + Yun Zhao = A hook and then a flip, the enemy is basically dead in turret

There are tonnes of others, these are just a few… do explore…

6) Heroes that are good during early game (laning phase)

As I’ve mentioned before, Mages are general good soloing mid-lane early game as they have a lot of poke potential, especially Kagura, Nana, Alice. In LoL, the team compo is usually like this:

Top-lane: One person
Mid-lane: Usually a mage
Bot-lane: Marksman + Support
Jungle: A jungler

However, in MLBB, junglers aren’t that important, aside from Fanny and Natalia, and the jungle is usually shared by everyone. Therefore, I recommended building a team composition this way.

Top-lane: 1 that can poke + 1 other (try to find good hero synergy here, might get you some early game kills too, but don’t be too greedy, tower diving early game)
Mid-lane: Mage, or it could be Yi Sun Shin/ Clint, since they have a pretty good escape mechanism
Bottom-lane: Marksman + Tank/Support

One important thing to note is that minions reach the middle point in mid-lane faster than in top lane or bot lane. Therefore, this allows the mid-laner to farm much faster, clearing their minion waves first and then ganking top or bottom lane, while waiting for the next wave of minions.

Lastly, try to give the Blue Buff to the Mage or Fanny, and the Red Buff to the marksman, as those will optimize the buff’s usage in the team.

Some common team compositions include:

1 Tank/Support
2 Fighter
1 Mage
1 Marksman


2 Tank
2 Marksman
1 Mage (Rafaela included)


2 Tank
2 Marksman
1 Fighter


1 Tank/Support
1 Fighter
1 Mage
1 Marksman
1 Assassin


These are just a few examples.

Of course, if you are really good with your heroes, some weird compositions like Fanny, Kagura, Natalia, Saber, Clint can also work. Or 3 Tanks 2 Marksman.

Tell me what you guys think, thanks!

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Me and my friends trolled and we all play tank! It was fun and we got the win! Hahaha


Having a mage on a team is always a plus 🙂


i think tigreal, eudora and nana can be a good combo
they use their ult for crowd enemy, first tigreal ult make all enemy in one place then eudora and nana can together use their ult, also if tigreal wasn’t use his skill 2, he can push all enemy to make them far from base more


I usually play Freya, and have found she works really well with Chou and Layla, cos they take out the far-away stuff, minions etc, then she can dive in and destroy the tower or the enemy tank while they are trying to catch Chou/Layla 🙂