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New hero Yi Sun-shin, nice tips and tactics-gameplay guide! Add your suggestions for informative post. A powerful hero, you should read and learn Yi Sun-shin.

First, we have to understand the hero’s passive. It says that melee attacks and ability damages trigger a bleed effect moving target. This is very useful in farming up to level faster. Why? If you are constantly in the move while attacking jungle monsters the additional damage makes you farm faster and get back to your lane faster as well to clear minions.

Second is about the ability line up. You need to max 2nd skill as soon as its available. Then max your ultimate as soon as its available then last is the first skill. The damage output on your first is higher compared to your first skill and the range is very useful for cleaning up and harassing.

Start out with 2nd skill on level 1 and get attack speed item. This will make minion clearing and farming faster.

Yi Sun-shin Tips on Gameplay

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Since you can move freely while powering up the second skill you can manuever your position to where it is safer but still be able to hit the target. You can use this to clear minion waves just make sure that all of them gets hit since the arrow pierces through all target in a line.

Use first skill to reposition yourself. If enemy is low on health and you need to dash use second and target it away from the position you want to run to to dash successfully. You can use it to escape. Jungle escape is quite easy too just use correct timing on when to leap against terrains.

Always remember to keep on a lookout on the map. Map awareness is key to your victory. Once the ultimate is available, keep on an eye to your teammates, go back to safe place a bit then check map. If you see a clash use ultimate and this can really help your teammates. Its for added damage and they can use this to escape as well if they are in a disadvantage.

On teamfights, Yi is a bit squishy much like other marksmen. So let your tank go in first together with your melee teammates. Then position yourself wherein youre safe from direct damage and start hacking to enemies health bars. 2nd skill should be used to teamfights to add damage and the ultimate is deadlier on enemies who are clumped together. Multiple hits from ultimate adds passive bleed and is harder to dodge if the marks are close to each other.

So thats it! This is my tips and gameplay guide for our new hero Yi Sun-shin! I also attached my adjusted builds here in the comments. They all go well with each other dealing pretty high damage per basic attack relying on crit strikes and on hit effects.Hope you like it!

Yi Sun-shin Builds – Kiiyon PH Way

Mobile Legends Yi Sun-shin Build V1

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