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Tips and Tricks for Support Heroes

Mobile Legends Tips and Tricks for Support Heroes

Very nice tips for Support Heroes, we can learn a lot of information and we have the idea from “yashirin” Thank you for your post. Also you can comment dude 🙂

Tips and Tricks for Support Heroes

Supports need more love. So this thread is for tips and how to’s when playing support. Currently there’s a limited number of support heroes in game but hopefully we can make this thread in helping others with the most efficient builds.

Support Tips / Tricks and Build for Rafaela, Nana, Minotaur, Lolita.

I’m a Rafaela player and in Epic I tier. And what peeves me off are players who are so afraid of attacking even if I have heals and stun.

So far my current build for Rafa are:

Enchanted Talisman

Enchanted Talisman


20% Cooldown Reduction / A kill or assist regends 20% of hero’s Mana within 5 seconds.

Rapid Boots

Rapid Boots


For mobility

Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice


Mana and the 20% CD

Demons Advent / Frost

Demons Advent




DA for extra health and def. Frost for extra slow

Usually game ends before getting to the 4th or more items. Aside from rafa, I started playing nana, but have yet to actually know what build I should do for her.

How do you build your support heroes?

Some Answers:

  • Build Rafa with CDR boots, Dominance Ice, and Ice Force with attack speed items. Slow if cumulative, 35% + 45% = 80% slow. Also take Weaken as Rafaela, same reason (almost full immobilize with first skill). (from “Divniy”)
  • I’m in the top 10 global rank for Rafie and I build Enchanted Talisman > Rapid Boots > Dominance Ice > Immortality > Bloodthirsty King > Blade Armor/Saint’s Refuge. I buy the last item depending on the situation. If I want more armor then I’d go for Blade Armor e.g. they have to adc, and likewise (from “tiiztie”)
  • As nana or any mage, i start with two mana regen necklace. Flame of fury, enchanted talisman and boots of your choice are my core items. To complete the cdr cap, i have a choice between dominance ice if defensive or fleeting time if offensive. The next two are situational, it can be frost, astral wand, guardian relic, concentrated energy, immortality or bloodthirsty king. Same build for rafaela but on the defensive side. For rafaela, try to watch your mana and heal cd. I havent played much the two tanky supports but based from my teammates and watching tournaments, they just build them with survivability in mind and cooldown reduction. (from “monsojkin”)

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Where is bulwark that gives 10% def and dmg to your allies? Demon’s advend is a trash item for supports


are we seriusly listening a build made by a epic 1 ? im legend im looking for real skill tips luuul

Im a Support too! I started this game a week ago (my brother made me), and now Im enjoying this game! I LOOOVE use Estes. But as support, I cant go alone. Sometimes my team leave me ALONE, and then I die. I run for heal them, and they left me again. Estes isnt a runner. So when the team got attacked, Estes heal them but they are run… Build “Immortality” is not good enough for him. Then Estes die…again. The worse part is, they called me a “noob” of the team. :” But the other side, Estes become a… Read more »

I’m an Estes user too. I have the same experience before. hahahhaa