The Ultimate Guide To Play Karrie

    The Ultimate Guide To Play Karrie

    About Karrie, Fighting Ability, Skill List, Skill Leveling Order, Skill Combination, Recommended Items & Battle Spell and Countering Hero. You can learn more about Karrie. Also you should comment when ask something about Karrie Guide-Build!

    Karrie Full Hero Guide

    Karrie Skill List

    Just like other hero , Karrie have 3 skill and 1 passive skill.

    (Passive) Lightwheel Mark

    Adds a Lightwheel Mark to the enemy at each basic attack or skills. When Lightwheel Mark is added up to 5 marks at target, they become actual lightwheel, piercing the target and dealing 7% – 13% true damage of max HP, damage is up to 300 towards jungle monster.

    Explanation: Every time you attack with basic attack / skill 1 / skill 2 and hit the enemy , each flywheel that damage the enemy will add potential damage to the enemy called ” Lightwheel Mark “. When the amount of the potential damage reached 5, it will become actual damage that deal 7% until 13% enemy maximum HP with true damage type. true damage only can be blocked by shield , so it is mean armor and any resistance will not reduce the damage. The maximum damage to jungle monster is 300.

    WARNING: If the enemy did not get attacked for 5 second , the enemy will enter out-of-combat stage , and the Lightwheel Mark will reset.

    Recommendation: Because this passive skill deal percentage damage instead of static damage, it is best used to enemy with high health. The bigger the maximum HP, the bigger the damage.

    (Skill 1) Spinning Lightwheel

    Releases flywheels that stop at target location, dealing 200/235/270/305/340/375 physical damage on the path and slowing them by 60%/60%/60%/60%/60%/60%, dealing 100/110/120/130/140/150 physical damage to the enemies nearby the target location and slowing them.

    Explanation: This skill will throw a giant Flywheel that rotate in a static position. It will do damage to all enemy in a round shape area and reduce their movement speed by 60%.


    • This skill is really useful to fight against a crowd of minion , because it will do damage to minion with / without your presence , especially when the enemy is surrounding the minion and you cannot use basic attack to hit them. It is also effective against Lord and Holy Lord that is going toward your turret because it will slow his movement speed , allowing you to kill him before he can do damage.
    • In combat against other hero , if the enemy is trying to run away , you can use this skill to slow down enemy and kill them before they escaped . 3. As well as preventing the enemy from escape , you can use this skill to prevent meele hero to get close to you.

    (Skill 2) Phantomstep

    Moves towards the direction while releasing a flywheel to the most nearby enemy, dealing 150/175/200/225/250/275 damage. Releases 2 flywheels on ultimate state.

    Explanation: Using this skill will throw Karrie forward while throwing a flywheel that have damage twice than the flywheel in basic attack . When this skill reached level 6 ( maximum level ) , the amount of the flywheel will increase by one , each dealing damage twice than the flywheel in basic attack.


    • This skill is really good when you need to escape , so don’t forget to use this skill.
    • When it comes to battle , this skill is really good at creating distance between you with your enemy or to dodge their attack while damaging them , but be careful , any mistake when using this skill will only make you become closer to your enemy and allowing them to kill you easier.

    (Ultimate Skill) Speedy Lightwheel

    Enters dual wield mode in the next 6/8/10s, increasing movement speed and releasing 2 lightwheels as basic attacks, but each basic attack only deals 50%/53%/56% damage and her attack speed is reduced by 20%.

    Explanation: After using this skill , Karrie will enter “dual wield mode” that allow her to throw 2 flywheel in 1 basic attack , each flywheel dealing damage half from basic attack damage , but in the opposite , this mode will slow your attack speed by 20% . The point of this skill is to use your passive skill at battle as much as possible until the effect expired. Every time you level up this skill , the duration of the skill will increase by 2 second and each flywheel damage in “dual wield mode ” will increase by 3%.

    Recommendation: Usually , using this skill at max level to the enemy is equal with normal basic attack , but if your enemy maximum HP is really big , this skill is very deadly , so remember to not use this skill to enemy with low maximum HP and only use it when you are fighting against enemy with big maximum HP.

    Karrie Skill Leveling Order

    • Level 1 Until 5  (1 > 2 > 2 > 3 > 2)
    • Level 6 Until 10 (1 > 2 > 3 > 2 > 1)
    • Level 11 Until 15 (2 > 3 > 1 > 1 > 1)

    Explanation: Try to maximum skill 2 and 3 as soon as possible , because you will only need them in battle.

    Karrie Skill Combination

    Currently, Karrie did not have enough skill to have multiple combo set , so there is only 1 combo available:

    Speedy Lightwheel > Phantomstep > Spinning Lightwheel

    Recommended Items And Battle Spell

    Recommended Items

    [Swift Boots]

    Swift Boots

    Karrie is a hero with marksman role, so keeping enough distance with enemy is important to her, in the other side, it increase her attack speed.

    [Demon Hunter Sword]


    Karrie is a hero that focus at continuous damage from basic attack , so recovering health while she is doing her job is important , and this item unique passive ability can give her life steal up to 12% , allowing her to heal herself by attacking enemy , this item also increase her attack speed . In the other side , this item have second unique ability that allow her to deal extra physical damage with percentage 10% of the enemy current HP , allowing her to kill enemy with high HP easier.

    [Scarlet Phantom]

    Scarlet Phantom

    It is not good if you can do big damage but your attack speed is slow , and this item will increase her attack speed , solving the major problem of this hero.

    [Blade Of Despair]

    Blade of Despair

    It is also not good if your attack speed is really fast but each attack only do low damage , so that is a good reason to buy this item because it increase your damage up to +170 physical damage.

    [Corrosion Scythe]

    Corrosion Scythe

    What is the reason having fast and deadly attack speed if the enemy is running away , and by using this item , each basic attack that hit the enemy will slow down enemy movement speed up to 35% , preventing them to run away from their death.



    Karrie cannot do any damage if she got killed , but by using this item , Karrie will have second chance to revenge because this item passive effect that allow her to revive with 15% health and extra shield that can absorb from 300 until 1000 pts of damage every 180 second.

    Recommended Battle Spell

    [Inspire] Karrie did not have any skill that speed up her attack speed , even Speedy Lightwheel skill reduce her attack speed by 20% , so this battle spell is needed to recover the reduced attack speed.

    [Purify] Karrie cannot do any damage if she is stunned , using this battle spell will instantly remove all negative effect and allowing her to back in the battle.

    Countering Hero

    Every hero have their rival, same with Karrie, here is the list of hero that you need to watch out when playing using Karrie.

    [Lolita] This hero is a total nature enemy to Karrie, because this hero have skill that can block any damage that Karrie do, basic attack, Spinning Lightwheel, Phantom Step, almost everything!

    Countering: Before attacking this hero with Karrie, you need to wait until this hero shield expired , otherwise all your attack will be blocked.

    [Eudora] This hero is really deadly to Karrie, because this hero have skill that stun Karrie, and also have ultimate skill that nearly instantly kill Karrie.

    Countering: You need to wait for this hero to use the stun skill before attacking, otherwise you will be stunned and receive a hard hit from this hero ultimate skill.

    [Alucard] This hero is natural enemy to all marksman type hero, including Karrie, because after this hero used a skill, this hero can teleport to enemy that this hero is locking.

    Countering: Use Phantomstep skill wisely to keep distance with this hero while attacking it.

    Every hero have their natural enemy, but in the other side, it is also a natural enemy to another hero, and here is the list of enemy that Karrie can kill without having a trouble:

    [Cyclops] Karrie can kill this hero with easy , because this hero need to get in close range to Karrie to hit Karrie with huge damage , and Karrie can quickly kill this hero before it reach Karrie.

    Countering: Use Phantomstep to get closer to the hero , and keep attacking because you will recover damage you receive by attacking because life steal effect.

    [Harley] Same with cyclops ,this hero also need to get in close range with Karrie to do damage at which Karrie can do damage twice than this hero do.

    Countering: Use Phantomstep to get closer to the hero, and keep attacking because you will recover damage you receive by attacking because life steal effect.

    [Estes] This hero have a great healing ability and skill that can slow down Karrie movement, but it is not a problem at all! By using the Recommended Items set that explained above at this thread, you can do damage higher than this hero healing ability can resist, and also with Phantomstep skill, you don’t need to worry getting slowed down.

    Countering: Keep doing damage to this hero as long as possible, so this hero cannot recover his health, if you slowed down by this hero, use Phantomstep to get out from the area that give slow down effect.

    Being alone is not great , because if you are together , you become stronger ! here is the list of hero that perfectly good to battle together with Karrie:

    [Chou] Almost all this hero skill can stun the enemy, so while this hero stunned the enemy, Karrie can do her job.

    [Eudora] Despite being a rival with Karrie, if Karrie go battle together with this hero, Karrie can reduce enemy health until it small enough for this hero to do instant kill.

    [Franco] Going battle with Franco is really good, because this hero can hook enemy out of their turret zone and stun them while Karrie dealing damage to it.

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