System Adjustments, Patch Notes 1.1.78

Mobile-Legends-Ruby -Hidden-Orchid-Butterfly

New skins Ruby – Hidden Orchid Butterfly, System Improvements, Fixed some bugs. Hey! Come and learn What has changed?

Mobile Legends Patch Notes 1.1.78

Weekly Free Hero Rotation & New Skins

8 free rotation heroes: server time 05:00:00 28/04/2017 ~ 05:01:00 05/05/2017 (check the server time in your avatar > system options)
Alice, Karina, Bruno, Clint, Fanny, Kagura, Sun, Ruby.
6 extra free heroes for Starlight Member: Saber, Lolita, Natalia, Yi Sun-shin, Moskov, Estes.

8 free rotation heroes: server time 05:00:00 05/05/2017 ~ 05:01:00 12/05/2017 (check the server time in your avatar > system options)
Balmond, Akai, Franco, Nana, Karina, Minotaur, Hayabusa, Chou.
6 extra free heroes for Starlight Member: Alice, Eudora, Kagura, Alpha, Ruby, Johnson.


30% off for a limited time: server time 05:00:00 05/05/2017 ~ 05:01:00 12/05/2017

New Hero Skin

Ruby – Hidden Orchid Butterfly

599 diamonds

4. Optimized the exclusive skin of May Starlight Member: Moskov – Snake Eye Commander skin’s demonstration effect, including visual effect and sound effect.

Hero Balance Adjustment


Blood Ode: Fixed the issue of incorrect Lifesteal bonus


Shark Bite: Fixed the issue of incorrect splashing damage


Stardust Shock: Cooldown adjusted from 10 sec to 9 sec


Power of Wildness: New skill effect: when the buff reaches the max number of layers, the skill damage will ignore 40% of target’s armor.


Fixed the issue with the Ult skill the number of stacked grenade not showing


Adjusted her recommended gear set

Battleground Spells & Gear Adjustment

Gear Items:

Immortality: Unique Passive – Resurrect: the damage-absorbing amount of the shield received after resurrecting adjusted from 600-2000 pts to 300-1000 pts.

Deadly Blade: New attribute: increases 300 pts of max HP; craft method adjusted; new price: 2140 gold.

System Adjustment

1. 7-day Sign-in event reward adjusted:
After players finish the current 7-day sign-in session, a new session will start. Now the rewards are richer and every new 7-day session have different rewards.

2. Optimized the animation display of Victory and Defeat.

3. Friends system:
a. Now players can see the upper limit of game friends number and the current number of their game & FB friends.
b. New keyword search feature for the friends list: now players can use keyword of their friend’s nickname to search the corresponding player in the friends list.

4. Chat system optimized: Players who love chatting now can come together and have a better communication experience.

5. Now it will show the squad short name on the battleground score table and battle result table.

6. Live stream list upgraded: Newly added some spots for recommended streamers.

V. Bug Repair

1. Fixed the bug with the text of give sending scrolling message now showing in the live stream spectating.
2. Fixed the bug with the incorrect player avatar of gift sending scrolling message in the live stream spectating.
3. Fixed the bug with incorrect frozen time of double BP/EXP cards due to server double battle reward events.4. Fixed the Game Center account switching bug
5. Fixed the issue that some heroes (like Hilda) may get stuck in the turret under some certain circumstances.
6. Fixed the bug that nation flags did not show on the Match Found page.

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When will they apply the update to the main server?

Gaswat Kuminis
Gaswat Kuminis

When will the next hero be released? (Next hero after Hilda).