System Adjustments, Patch Notes 1.1.70

Mobile Legends Patch Notes 1.1.70

New skins Major General Yi Sun-shin and Onimusha Commander Alpha, System Improvements, Fixed some bugs. Hey! Come and learn What has changed?

Mobile Legends Patch Notes 1.1.70

New Skins

Yi Sun-shin Major General

Mobile Legends Yi Sun-shin Major General

269 Diamonds; 30% off when buying the hero and the skin together during the first week.

Alpha – Onimusha Commander

Mobile Legends Alpha Onimusha Commander-1
Mobile Legends Alpha Onimusha Commander-2


For limited-time event.

How to get Alpha skin(Onimusha Commander)?

  • Try Lucky Box, my friend…

System Adjustments

1. Skin presenting feature has been optimized.

Bug Fixes

1. Android 7.x system’s crashing issue now has been fixed.
2. The lagging issue happening when players return to the game homepage has been optimized.
3. The lagging of skin presenting demonstration has been optimized.
4. The bug that obtained medal did not match with the battle score has been fixed.
5. Matching mechanism of the Ranked Game now has been optimized: When high-division players and lower-division players team up together to queue, ELO of the team will be calculated more based on the higher-division players.
6. The bug has been fixed that the medal would disappear when player goes back to the game homepage after a match.

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