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Sun More Defense-Attack Build


Basically Sun has already durability. We will buy more durable items and survive very long time at team fight. You have a little damage but highly HP-Durable. I advice to like this builds the another heroes. You can win like this build. And you can comment the which items should buy for Sun.

Sun More Defense-Attack Items

First, get this item:

Crazed Reaper


Warrior Boots


Brute Force Breastplate

Get this item:

Saints Refuge


Wind Chaser

Finally buy this item:

Demons Advent

This build very strong dude, and also you can say by commenting your idea about Sun builds 🙂

I almost forgot, you can sell your boots when the late game.

If you sold your boots get this items:

for More Attack Damage (AD):

Blade of Despair

for More HP-HP Regen:

Bloodthirsty King

for HP-Magic Resist:

Cursed Helmet

Thank you for everything 🙂 ^^

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Should be a Tank Hero i think

I go crazed reaper > warrior boots > brute force breastplate > cursed helmet > bloodthirsty king > demons advent

And in late game i usually dropped my boot and change it to Dominance Ice (for physical carry) or Saint Refuge (if therr are 2 or more magic caster)

Btw good forum dude


Tank? Semi or pure damage also good,
He is a good chaser, single hero killer.
Durability, CRIT good.
Need some good training to master sun

Jerome Delute

Can Sun’s doppelganger copy the item effects.

Jerome Delute

I want to ask if Sun’s doppelganger copy the item effects

Putu Hadi

I dont think so dude…