Sun Full Jungle Attack Damage Build

Mobile Legends Sun Jungle-Damage Build

The Monkey King! Full Attack Damage items for Sun! This build has a very dangerous damage but not durable, should be careful when you playing full Attack Sun. Also buy this item when your team has already Tank 🙂

Sun Full Attack Damage Build

Firstly: Raptor Machete

Raptor Machete

+35 Physical Attack

+15% Physical Penetration

Unique: +30% Damage to monsters.

Unique Passive – Avarice: Get an extra 30% exp when jungling.

Unique Passive – Gorge: Slaying jungle monsters increases your physical and magic attack 4. Stack up to 10 times.

Unique Passive: Makes the Battle Spell ‘Retribution’ applicable to heroes: Reduces target’s 70% of movement speed and deals a little true damage to the target within 3s. Buying other advanced jungle gear will disable this effect.

Then: Swift Boots

Swift Boots

+15% Attack Speed

Unique: +40 Movement Speed

Then: Endless Battle

Endless Battle

+65 Physical Attack

+25 Magic Power

+250 HP

+300 Mana

+5% Movement Speed

+15% Lifesteal

Unique Passive – Divine Justice: After using this ability, the next basic attack will have an additional 70% of physical as true damage. This effect has a 1.5s. cooldown.

Unique Passive – Chase Fate: When Divine Justice’s effect is triggered, it will increase the hero’s movement speed 15%.

Then: Malefic Roar

Malefic Roar

+60 Physical Attack

Unique: +40% Physical Penetration

Unique Passive – Armor Buster: Basic attack will ignore 20% of a defense turret’s defensive armor.

Then: Berserkers Fury

Berserkers Fury

+65 Physical Attack

+25% Critical Strike Chance

Unique: +40% Crit Damage

Unique Passive – Doom: Crit strikes will increase one’s physical attack 5%, lasting 2s.

Finally: Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair

+130 Physical Attack

+25% Attack Speed

+10% Critical Strike Chance

Unique Passive – Despair: Deals an extra 10% damage to an enemy in any abnormal state (stunned, knocked airborne, transformed, disabled).

Shortly Jungle Attack Damage Item Combination for Sun

Mobile Legends Sun Jungle-Damage Items

For Example Win Rate With This Build

Sun Jungle-Damage Build Example

Sun Battle Spell


Mobile Legends Battle Spell Retribution

Deals 600-1440 pts of true damage to nearby jungle monsters or minions and increases damage to monsters by 30% within 3s (Damage will increase with level)

Sun Emblem Set

Jungle Emblem Set

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