Strategies for Rafaela


Hi everyone, we find some Strategies and Tricks-Tips for Rafaela from Oliver.Edwards. Thank you for him share guide about Rafaela.

Tactics-Tricks for Rafaela

To start out, I’ve done plenty of matches With Rafaela. I love support characters they aspire me to fulfill my Dreams of being a Nurse. Anyway, back to the point. Rafaela is very very useful at life or death situations. She can be the advantage in a team fight or she can get in the way in the team fight. Here our some times to her that we’ll help you be loved by all your teammates.

1. Always Start off with going with someone to a lane.
Never go by yourself. Your a support character so you have to try and do your best at healing your team mates.

2. Always make sure you have enough mana to go into a fight.
Nothing sucks more is to get into a fight and have low mana to do anything. The other team will mop the floor with you.

3. Try to stay in the back of the battle. As a healer your the main target. You don’t want to get hooked and then stunned oh but wait! Could you believe that your stunned again! You have a target on your back and staying in the back is never not a good idea.

4. It’s okay to recall back to home.
If you have low health and think ” I Can just heal myself ” well your wrong. That healing cool down is not your friend. By the time you healed yourself all the way. A Natalia comes out of the bush and you have no mana.

5. Help As much as you can.
I stress this enough. I’ve seen far to many Rafaela go by them self then die come back to life a die. The process repeats its self. Heal everyone that’s your job. Where it with pride.

Gear Set for Rafaela

Heart of steal, Eternal scepter, Arcane boots, Blood wings, Enchanted Talisman, and Calamity Scythe.

Ability: I like to bring healing spell because it helps in situations where you don’t have many and your trying to get away. Or you can use Assault and flee faster or get to someone who needs healing fast.

Now get out there and give healing prayers to everyone!

If you would like to ask more any question add my username in mobile legends: Oliver.Edwards

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What emblem set is best to use? Magic?


Digo porque me aconseja q use emblema asesino mágico