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Check out the BRAND NEW hero from Mobile Legends! Literally announced less than 5 minutes ago and SunBros has the first look here for you!

New Hero Cyclops

Starsoul Magician And Exorcist Skin

Cyclops skills

Starsoul Wave: Gathers the power of the stars and launches two shock waves of star dust, each of which damages X points of magical damage to the enemy.

Starsoul pursuit: Cyclops uses the power of stars to generate a sphere illuminated by stars that revolves around them and improves movement speed greatly over a short period of time. The sphere will attack nearby enemies (enemy heroes first) automatically, causing damage to enemies (damage done to the same target will decrease).

Starsoul Chain: Cyclops manages the power of the stars to the maximum and creates a magic sphere full of planetary power to track enemies by causing them X sts of magic damage. Depending on the flying distance of the sphere, it will trap the enemy for X s.

Passive: The reuse time for all skills is reduced by X seconds when your skills hit enemies

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