Speed Mode Network Settings


Here some improvements for good network connection. You should read this suggestions also you can Leave your suggestions for the Speed Mode in this post.

Dear players,

MLBB team has keep improving the solutions for the connection problems. Now you have two options for connection:

Normal Mode(Default): Consume less data usage but the network connection is not as stable as Speed Mode.
Speed Mode: Make network connection more stable, prevent lag spikes but cost more data usage.

How to turn on/off the Speed Mode

In the home screen: Open “Settings” on the top right , turn on/off “Speed Mode” in “Basics” – “Network Setting“.

Mobile Legends Speed Mode Network Settings

In matches: Open “Settings” on the top left , turn on/off “Speed Mode” in “Basics” – “Network Setting“.

Mobile Legends Speed Mode Network Settings-1

Speed Mode takes in effect immediately the moment you turn it on and will keep in effect until you switch it off manually.

When should I turn on the Speed Mode?

If you often meets lag spikes or lags under green ping, we suggest you to turn on the Speed Mode.

Can I keep playing under the Normal Mode?

Of course. If you play smoothly under the Nomal Mode, you’d better keep using it because it will save a lot of data usage.

When should I turn off the Speed Mode?

Some network operators don’t not support Speed Mode. If you meet heavy lags under the Speed Mode, we suggest you to turn off the Speed Mode because in that situation the Normal Mode is better.

The MLBB team is keep improving the Speed Mode. If it makes your connection better, please tell us for that will make the developers more confident.
If it doesn’t work or make your connection worse, we need your suggestion, too.
Thanks for your understanding and support!

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Navie Rou
Navie Rou

Personally I don’t think the new update (speed mode) isn’t working. every since the new update. I would have the speed mode on during the match but the ping would still freeze and lag so bad for about 10 seconds or more. whether i have the speed mode on or off. it’s still an issue. the ping is lagging so bad and freezes during the middle of the match.

El Patrón
El Patrón

the game is still so f*cking lag


I turned on the speed mode it sitll lags..why?