Some of Good Advice for Beginners

Mobile Legends Some of Good Advice for Beginners

Starting play Mobile Legends, beginner should know some good advice about game-play and how to get easy win. So if you newbie, get some information.

Thank you for this good advice-tips-guides ‘John‘.

Hello Everyone,

I know that a lot of people starting Mobile Legends already have experience playing other long running PC based MOBA games.

I actually didn’t know what MOBA was when I started, had no clue and made so many mistakes.  I am still very much a noob player and learning every day, but I wanted to share some of my own experience that may be helpful if you are a new to this scene.

I am not going to tell you how to play a hero because there are so many great guides here already for that and also because I have limited knowledge.  This is more of how you should start playing this game and what things to avoid.

[Please let me know if there are any grammatical errors or if I have not explained anything clearly, thank you.]

So when you start playing Mobile Legends:

Some of Good Advice for Beginners

1. Play Solo

When you first start playing “Classic” matches, try to queue and play on your own.  Do not queue with friends/players who are more experienced than you.  The reason being that you will then be matched against players who are more experienced.

As a beginner try to play alone.  You will more likely be matched with players of your same level or even AI bots (computer controlled enemy heroes).

In this situation when you make mistakes you are less likely to die and more likely to get kills.  But more importantly you will see your mistakes and other people’s mistakes, and learn from this.

It is all about learning the game at this point.

2. Layla and Yun Zhao

As a beginner you won’t know right away which hero is for you (and there are almost 50 heroes to pick from).

There are also different roles (tank, fighter, mage, support and marksman) which can be daunting for newcomers.

So keep it simple and think about whether you like a champion who attacks from a safe distance with projectiles or whether you prefer to be up close and personal in battle.

If you prefer safe distance, start playing with Layla.  If you prefer melee, start playing with Zilong.

If you are unsure then take turns playing these heroes.  But stick to these two heroes.  Don’t compromise (Miya, Rafaela, Balmond, Bane.. are all stunningly beautiful, appealing heroes but just keep it simple at first – Layla and Zilong only).

These are two of the most popular heroes in beginner level, so pick them quickly (insta-lock) in the hero selection screen.  Its selfish I know, but for now this is all about you so do it.

3. Save your Battle Points and Tickets

Hold off on buying that fancy new hero.

Do not rush to spend your hard earned Battle Points and Tickets.  Wait, wait, and then wait!

Trust me on this please.  Myself and everyone that I have played with, wishes they didn’t buy a lot of the heroes in our collection.

Why?  Because Battle Points and Tickets are extremely valuable.  At first they may seem easy to acquire, but after the initial levels they become harder to obtain.

All new players receive these heroes for free: Layla, Zilong, Eudora and Saber.  You can also select heroes from the weekly free rotation.

Once you unlock the Custom mode, use that to start practicing other heroes.  But do not buy any heroes.

Complete the Jungle Tutorial.  Not only will you receive 5,000 Battle Points but you will also get to try out the hero Hilda.

4. Farm and Level Up

When you slay enemy Minions and neutral Monsters (jungle creeps), you will receive gold and level up.  This is called Farming.

The gold will allow you to buy Items that helps your hero become stronger.

The experience will increase your in-game level.  In every match you play, you will start at level 1 and work your way up to level 15.

You can level up by farming or killing enemy heroes.

If for example you farm quickly and reach level 4 but your enemy does not farm and is at level 2.  In this situation you will have an advantage over your enemy.  And the reverse is true if the enemy is one or levels ahead of you.  So keep in this mind when engaging 1 versus 1.  The in-game level is shown by a number (1 to 15) above the hero.

You might be tempted to engage in battle because an enemy has less health than you, but if he is at a higher level then you may still end up dying.

5. Please Don’t Die

Sounds simple right but it’s not.  Work on self-preservation.

In simple terms it is always better to be 0-0 (zero kills/zero deaths) than 1-2 or 2-3.  The more you die, the more you are helping (feeding) your enemy because it makes them stronger each time they slay you.

Do not engage an enemy hero until there is advantage to you and your team.  If its 50/50, don’t commit to the battle.

Pick the item named Immortality and make sure you know when you have this.  With this item when you die, you will immediately come back to life but with very low HP, and you have a chance to escape.  Quite often the players themselves are surprised when they come back to life, so make sure you know once you have this item in your build.

Stay alive, be patient and wait for the right opportunities.

6. Learn simple strategies

Let the enemy come to you.  Make the enemy think you are scared and running away.  Give them a false sense of security.

If you are Zilong and an enemy comes near your turret, try to flip him into your turret first and then attack.

If you are Layla, use your basic attack (passive) and your first two skills at the start to harass and poke your enemy.  Save your Ultimate until that enemy has low health and tries to run away from you.

Do not stand still even when you are attacking – move, attack, move, attack, move.

Similarly learn to clear minion wave (group of minions coming towards your turret), slay monsters, clear next minion wave, slay monsters.  Repeat the process.

If your teammates are pushing too soon or making mistakes overextending, then use them as shields.

Learn to use the Mini-Map and understand it.
– Where are your teammates now and which direction are they heading
– Where are the enemy and which direction are they heading
– Where are the minions (ally and enemy)
– Turtle/Lord, have they spawned yet

When you die and waiting to respawn, don’t sit idle.  Observe what’s happening in the arena and decide what you need to do.

7. Ignore Abusive Players

You are a beginner and you are entitled to make mistakes.  Do not let negative players get to you.  During the game use the Mute option to silence any individual who is either distracting you or taking your fun away from playing.

Remember this game is not a punishment for you to endure torment from others.

8. Don’t Play Ranked Games Until…

You reach level 19.  This is where you unlock the Flicker battle spell.  I feel this is the most important spell for anyone starting to play Ranked games.  Every hero can utilize this spell to escape death.

And only now should you purchase a hero (assuming you do not yet own the minimum 5 heroes required for ranked games).  But make sure you really want this hero.  If you are not 100% sure then walk away and do more research.

If the hero you desire is available to purchase with Tickets instead of Battle Points, then make sure to use tickets.  Save the Battle Points for later.

9. Most importantly.. Have Fun!

Never forget why you are playing this game.  So make the most of it and enjoy!

I hope some of this will be helpful to you as a newcomer to Mobile Legends/MOBA.  Thank you for reading, I wish you the very best of luck and happy gaming!

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some random guy

wow im first comment but to those of yall that just read this trust this guy most or maybe all of what i read here was leaned the hard way and when u follow some, most, or all of what this guys said you could increase you win-rate noting that i used to have a 39% win rate cause i was soo noobish around 1 or 2 months but then when i learned some of this stuff the hard way my win rate increased from a 39% to a 52% although the heavy losses held me back listening to this… Read more »


great thread. Just wanted to add, stick and master a couple of heroes, know what type of player you are. For example, melee or range…tank or support or assassin. By knowing these stuff, you will have more winning percentage. I am a level 28 player, I’ve played Layla 200’sh times, I am a range player btw. Next hero is Estes, the best support so far in my opinion. I have experimented Estes so many times, I even have a set with no magic damage at all. Strange but it’s fun. Bottom line is have fun, this is the main reason… Read more »


I think reading some things about the game would also be helpful and probably the most important thing to do to master this game correctly. After all, the learning curve isn’t very steep and if one started on by waiting and waiting he would’ve been bored when he finally reached the right time to do things he wants to do(it’s neither quick or easy to reach level 19). I started a few days ago on my own with no experience playing other MOBA games. I’ve done some readings beforehand and I have had a really good time. I knew since… Read more »


Very nicely explained. Agree with most of the points. I started playing less than a month ago, I am level 24 with around 300 games’ experience and Grandmaster IV but I was mostly good from Day 1 because I played League of Legends for almost 3 years. Here are a few tips of my own to add to the already listed: 1. Spend time on reading about items. Build your own ‘Gear’ based on your gameplay. Start with guides out there but eventually decide based on your gameplay. 2. Read about the attacking combination of your moves. 3. Look to… Read more »