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There are things you should know about in Mobile Legends. I will show some of this information in the form of a short question and answer.

What do defense turrets do?

The three lanes between the opposing sides’ bases all have 3 defense towers: Outer Turrets, Inner Turrets, and Inhibitor Turrets. The outer turrets must be destroyed first before inner turrets can be attacked. After destroying all 3 of an enemy’s turrets on one lane, you can attack the enemy’s base.
Your whole team will get a certain amount of gold each time you destroy an enemy defense turret.

How do I start a battle?

Upon starting the game the first time, there will be a new-player tutorial that will show you how to get matched up for a battle. The basic steps are:
1. Tap the red button in the middle of the main screen to start the match-up process.
2. Wait patiently for both teams to fill up with 5 players.
3. Tap to enter game.
4. Choose the champion you wish to use.
5. Tap to start, and when the countdown ends, the battle will begin!

How do I move my hero?

In battle, players can use their finger to swipe the joystick in the lower left corner to move the hero.

How do I upgrade and cast abilities?

In battles, the lower right of the screen is the ability-casting area. When you have an ability that can be upgraded, a noticeable plus sign special effect button will appear that you can tap to upgrade the ability.Castable abilities will be lit up, and you just need to tap on the ability button to cast it.

How do I cancel casting a ability?

Long-press on an ability and then move the cursor to the “Cancel” area in the upper right corner to cancel casting an ability.

What should I do when I encounter an enemy hero?

Unlike minions, Jungle monsters, and defense turrets, the heroes controlled by other players are equal to you in intelligence and power, so you should definitely be careful when facing them.
Although enemy heroes are a big obstacle on your road to victory, slaying them will give you a lot of gold.

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“Cancel cast” is now having a problem. Specially using Fanny. Sometimes I can’t cancel the 2nd ability (steel cable). Please, check that. I will be pleased. Thanks!