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Hello guys, you can be author in Mobile-Legends.Net. And also we have a forum. Don’t forget we are fan website about Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! We want to help and share to tactics and tricks about the game.

You can share your ideas, builds, guides about Mobile Legends as an author!

Now we are 7 author, 1 admin, 1 co-admin(invisible).

As i say we have forum, you can register anytime, and share your posts. But Pay attention to:

When you write as author(Important):

  • You must add your title about your post.
  • You must use min 70 words in your post.
  • You must add min 1 image in your post.
  • You must add tags.

Dude, you can add your videos(yes your channel) this is okay, but you must add the min 70 word in your post. This is a builds, guides, tactics and tricks about Mobile Legends website. You should careful dude, we want to help the other players. And we love Mobile Legends.

If you want a be Author in Mobile-Legends.Net:

  • Click to the contact.
  • Your Name (required)
  • Your Email (required)
  • Subject: Be an Author
  • Your Message: Your Age and answer this questions dude:

How is your English knowledge?


Which subject do you want to write?

Hero Builds
Game Guide
Tactics & Tips & Tricks

If you are wondering how we write a post, you can look the pictures:

This is not hard to do, you will faster. Don’T worry 🙂

And No time limit, No Post Limit, No every day you must write a post. You can write a post whenever you want.

If you do not follow the writing rules, I’m sorry but you will be removed from the writing.

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