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Season 7 Ranked Rewards And Rules

Season 7 Ranked Rewards And Rules

Mobile Legends Season 7 will end soon! Get awesome prizes with your rank! Tickets, Battle Points and perfect Season 7 Exclusive Skin! We will fight until the end! Join us and destroy the enemy! Learn the rules, be polite and don’t forget this “TeamWork is OP”!

Season 7 Ranked Rewards And Rules

Season 7 Rules

Each season lasts for three months, and new season will begin once the current one ends. Rewards will be sent to your mailbox based on your highest rank during the previous season and your final rank at the end of the season. Your initial ranking in the new season will be based on your final ranking at the end of the previous season (the higher your ranking in the previous season, higher your ranking will be at the start of the new season).

You must reach Lv. 8 and own 5 or more heroes to play Ranked Mode. Players will be matched based on their performance.

You can invite your friends to play ranked matches with you, but you can’t queue as a four-player team. Teammates must all be of the same rank, or within a range of up to two ranks of one another.

There are 7 ranks in ranked mode: Warrior, Elite, Master, Grand Master, Epic, Legend, Mythic. Players ranked at Epic or above must complete in Draft Pick Mode (Grand Master of Above for Advanced Server players). You get one star for every victory in ranked games, and lose a star for every defeat. When you have the maximum number of stars, you’ll be promoted to the next rank. If you lose all of your stars, you’ll be demoted to a lower league. You can’t lose stars when at Warrior rank. When at Elite rank, if you encounter teammates who disconnect from the game or go AFK, you’ll have one chance per day not to lose stars. In Draft Pick Mode, if one of your teammates goes offline during the first 3 minutes, the Early Surrender function will be activated. The teammates of the AFK player can choose to initiate an early surrender within the 3rd and 4rd minute of the game. If the surrender is successful, the AFK player and any friends they’re in a pre-made team with will be severely punished, and the ranking of the other players will remain unchanged.

Mythic is the highest division in ranked play, and the top 50 players at Mythic rank on every server will receive the Glorious Mythic title. Players who reach Mythic and Glorious Mythic rank can unlock exclusive avatar borders.

Star-raising Points and Protection Points

In addition to simply gaining a star for every victory and loosing a star for every loss, there are also Star-raising Points which can allow you get stars faster and protection Points which can counteract star reductions.

You can get Star-raising Points when you win a ranked game, and will get Protection Points whether you win or lose.

More consecutive wins will grant you more Star-raising Points, and you’ll get more Protection Points if you perform better than your teammates in a game.

When your Star-raising Poimts are full, they’ll be converted into an additional star.

When your Protection Points are full, they will all be consumed to counteract a star reduction when you lose a match.

The upper limits of Star-raising Points and Protection Points increase with your rank.

Season 7 Rewards

Warrior Players Rewards S7

  • Premium Skin Fragment x1
  • 100 Tickets
  • 1000 Battle Points

Elit Players Rewards S7

  • Premium Skin Fragment x3
  • 200 Tickets
  • 2000 Battle Points

Master Players Rewards S7

  • Season Exclusive Skin (Exclusive Skin)
  • 300 Tickets
  • 4000 Battle Points

Grand Master Players Rewards S7

  • Season Exclusive Skin (Exclusive Skin)
  • 600 Tickets
  • 7000 Battle Points

Epic Players Rewards S7

  • Season Exclusive Skin (Exclusive Skin)
  • 1000 Tickets
  • 12000 Battle Points

Legend Players Rewards S7

  • Season Exclusive Skin (Exclusive Skin)
  • 1500 Tickets
  • 20000 Battle Points

Mythic Players Rewards S7

  • Season Exclusive Skin (Exclusive Skin)
  • 1500 Tickets
  • 20000 Battle Points

Glorious Mythic Players Rewards S7

  • Unlock Exclusive Avatar Borders
  • Season Exclusive Skin (Exclusive Skin)
  • 1500 Tickets
  • 20000 Battle Points

Good Luck, gave fun!

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I want to know the list of demotions.


look for last season news about rank. they put the demotions list there. what I remember only epic II and above will be demoted to epic V


s7 skin is yasha. I havent bought moskov yet. will i still have the skin with me till i buy moskov?? 🙂

[R3KT] Hessel



do you know when the season 7 end?




why me and friends at master dont have this? we just got to master4 with 3 stars

Jc Lacson

Why i didnt receive yasha skin?i am epic in rank..

Jc Lacson

Why i ddnt receive the yasha skin for moskov?i am epic in rank


The season ends in 3’o clock….or maybe 1 april 2018


really give the moskov skin in grandmaster rank?

Vivek dave

Season 7 has ended and neXt season Wil be starting in 1 hr ..still I haven’t received any rewards ..its so unfair …


I did not get reward of season , new season is going to start in 1 hour , you guys are cheating with us , as we didn’t get any reward , i am in Grandmaster rank but still got no reward .

Sanayai R K

In my new account I have reach lengend 5, 1 star but i did not get season end reward. But at my old account was also at legend 1 and i get season end reward. Why i am not getting season reward at my new account.