Season 5 Exclusive Skin

Mobile Legends Season 5 Exclusive Skin

Hi everyone, I have very good news for you. Season 5 Exclusive Skin is released! As you know Season 5 will ends in 30.09.2017 and get rewards 01.10.2017!

Season 5 Exclusive Skin

S5 Season Exclusive Skin: Hilda’s Skin –> Flower of the Wastes

Just announced, we will waiting for image 🙂

Rewards will be delivered to your Inbox at the end of the season according to the highest division that you can ever reach during this season.

Each season lasts 3 months. When each season ends and new season tarts, rewards are sent by mail based on your highest ranking of last season, and you can inherit some parts of the ranking based on your final ranking of last season, the higher ranking you were at, the higher ranking you start from.

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