S5 to S6 Rank Division

Mobile Legends S5 to S6 Rank Division

What is your rank in Season 5? You can look your new rank division in new Season 6. As high as you can rise! This is important for your new rank…

S5 to S6 Rank Division

S5 to S6 rank division inheritance rules as follow:

Warrior III → Warrior III
Warrior II → Warrior II
Warrior I → Warrior I
Elite III → Elite III
Elite II ~ Elite I → Elite II
Master V ~ Master III → Elite I
Master II → Master IV
Master I → Master III
Grandmaster V → Master II
Grandmaster IV → Master I
Grandmaster III → Grandmaster V
Grandmaster II → Grandmaster IV
Grandmaster I → Grandmaster III
Epic V → Grandmaster II
Epic IV → Grandmaster I
Epic III ~ Epic II → Epic V
Epic I ~ Legend 9 stars → Epic IV
Legend 10 ~ 25 stars → Epic III
Legend 26 ~ 99 stars → Epic II
Legends 100+ stars → Epic I

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