Ruby Initiator-Damage Guide Build

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Good initiator for team tanky and have a nice damage for Ruby. You can use this suggestions and also you should add your own advise by commenting. We are looking for the best 🙂

Ruby Guide – Build

Ruby Build

Plus: Good Initiator, Good Stunner

Minus: Low Damage

First: Tooth of Greed

Tooth of Greed

Make you survive and giving you good damage.

Then: Magic Shoes

Magic Shoes

Giving movement speed and cooldown reduction.

Then: Endless Battle

Endless Battle

Give you more lifesteal effect. This item will be good combination with your passive skill.

Then: Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice

After you bought this item you can use your stun more often. Giving cooldown reduction and some armor that make you hard to kill.

Then: Immortality


This item as you know, will make you come to live again after that. Important item for initiator like Ruby.

Finally: Blade of Destruction

Blade of Despair

Stun, Lifesteal and Damage. Now you’re good initiator in team.

Abilities Should Max First

You must full the Skill 2 first.
Because it will help you stun your enemy.
Skill 2 and Skill 3 important to max first.

Ruby Combos Analysis

Wait your Tank to open the war.
cast your skill 1, go straight to the enemy, cast skill 2, combo with your skill 1.
use your ulti to catching your enemy.

Ruby Battle Spell

I recommend you to use Flicker Spell or Stun Spell.
Flicker and Stun can help you run from enemy that chasing you.
Stun will make you have 3 abilities to stun your enemy, that will help your partner to kill the enemy.

Ruby Emblem Set

Physical Emblem | you know the reason dude. Haha Ruby is Physical hero type. Use this emblem cause it easy to collect them, than the other emblem. Or also you can use the tank emblem set.

Ruby Combat Tips

For early game, don’t go alone. Hahaha you must have a partner. You can’t do much in early game. I recommend you another fighter / mm / mage hero to be your partner. You can go to the top lane or bottom lane. but im always go to the top lane for the blue buff. You can easily win with the mm opponent if you have a partner. But, don’t get too rush or you’ll die in your greed. But take care because your damage is not good enough.

Ruby Team Fight Tips

In team fight, I recommend you to be an initiator in team (if there’s no tank in your team). Use your skill 1 to start the war, go toward your enemy, use skill 2. Do the same combo again. If enemy start leaving you, cast your ulti to them and skill 2 after that. Try to cooperate with your another member team.

This guide build from “[RCS] Lumiere”, thank you for sharing.

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Where does I can found the tooth of greed? :/


Where does I can find the tooth of death?