Ruby Dangerous Attack Build


We are searching about Ruby, she has crowd control skills and not so difficult, you can play very well. Firstly try and train this hero learn her passive skill. Now, this build is very dangerous, you are not durable but have nice damage. Attack build! You can talk about this build or some suggestions by commenting. You should be careful when enemies ganking you. If your team has good tank hero, you can choose attack items for Ruby.

Ruby Attack Items

Firstly buy this item:

Hunter Strike


Blade of Destruction


Magic Shoes


Scarlet Phantom


Tooth of Greed

Finally get this item:

Blade of Despair

Hey! You can sell your boots when the late game, i’m just suggestion you for good game and very nice build.

Need HP-HP Regen:

Bloodthirsty King

Need HP-Magic Resistance-HP Regen- Cooldown:


Need HP-Magic Resist-Shield:

Saints Refuge

There is some good build dude, you can use this items for this finish game very quickly and be MVP!

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Thank you for everything^^

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