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Restrictions – Penalty on AFK – Suggestion


There is good suggestion about “Restrictions and Penalty on AFK-er” from “Teng Chin Lim”. Thank you for suggestions, i’m sharing for discussion my friend.

Restrictions and Penalty on AFK-er – Suggestion


The game simply just have too many AFK-er recently, i believe due to the raising popularity of the game. The current restrictions set are simply just too lose. To be honest, who in the world care about the current scoring system that is so easy to earn back with few rounds of playing. I have a small suggestion below to further improvise on the penalty from current system.
Below are the suggestions on actions to be taken towards AFK-er :-
1) First time offence will get banned 2 hours, and triggered a 48 hours ban cycle (you’ll see how it works later).
2) Second time AFK on same cycle of 48 hours will get banned for another 6 hours.
3) Third time offence on the same cycle of 48 hours from the first offence will earn a subsequent ban for 2 days with 1 Warning. 2 days ban can be lifted with small amount of diamonds, but with minimum 1 day ban.
4) Within 1 week if same account accumulated 4 bans, or 2  Warnings (whichever comes first), then the account banned for 1 month. This monthly ban can be lifted with heavy amount of diamonds but still applied with minimum ban of 1 week.
5) If within a month the same account gets 3 Warnings then account will be permanently banned. I believe the management wouldn’t want other investing players to leave the platforms just because of minority numbers of spoiled players. Who would want to play in a platform with poor quality of players, not to mentioned reducing amount of players in it too.
Hope the management can take this suggestion into considerations for a healthy gameplay and fair gameplay practice. Get the team to figure out how to improvise it with your current scoring system to make it more useful.
Thank you.

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made juni

This awesome, I think this is one of way to reduce afk er player, i think this method must be running
i have one way to afk player is devide battle point between 50-100


I hope that the system can detect the player is really on AFK. Sometimes, we are being disconnected despite of having good connection, this cycles for more than 2-3 times for me in a game. Then at the end of the game, I am being punish for being AFK?…Not my fault…I hope that ML can have a way to justify this punishments. 🙁


Better report that to the developers. They might fix it then.


yeah, some AFKers are AFKed because of poor connection or the server’s fault. i think instead of AFK for not playing for 1-3 minutes, how about AFK for not playing 30% of the game? some people afk at the beginning which is not really a big prob and appeared for the rest of the game finishing with a victory and some people afk in the middle throughout the rest of the game which is a very very big problem.


I am one of those people… How can I play when the system hasn’t logged me into the game yet? My PC specs are fine and my network connection is not bad but why would I be AFKed? they should have a real way of detecting this…. Like know that you are already or your character has spawned and that you’re able to control it… I don’t know how but this is so unfair!!!


I played dota for almost 10 years now (started on w3) and the biggest problem this game faced was afker and troll. If mobile legend dont take care SERIOUSLY of this problem, the game will die soon and only kids and casual will play it.


My Google play service problem


I totally agree that punishments for going afk should be more severe, especially in ranked mode.
I lose about 1/10 of all matches because of people going afk.


for me its okay for match up or brawl but for its serious problem i should think about the player who sacrifice his/her hour just to get his/her rank up , maybe u should use something like this
for rank games if the losing team have afk player and get mvp of team he should have chance not been cut his/her star and for who get gold maybe rise her/his proctetion from deleted star how about please her me one of u daily player , thanks


We all know that our goal in playing ML is to win. People dont see other players situation due to poor internet connection. For me it is not justifyable to banned account just because of AFK. Instead of ganning players you are killing those players who wants to play your game better. Instead improve your app to be suitable in any level of internet connection