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Record Mobile Legends on IOS


Some player using IOS, they can record Mobile Legends very easy. You should follow the steps, and record your gameplay or the other things. Also you can ask about Record App, we will answer your questions.

Hello! Today I’ll be teaching you how to record you gameplays on IOS. We all know that IOS has a strict system in which disallow softwares that records their phones because they believe that it might breach phones and stole important information. Other ways to record your phone is to jailbreak it which not all of the people wants to do. However, don’t worry I found a safe and legit way to record and broadcast using IOS phones.

Step 1

From your IOS devices, visit this link emu4ios.net and download and install AirShou – tap on it then select install.

Step 2

After download it, you’ll get this kind of prompt when you click it “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” so what you need to do is to trust it. (Unless, you have trust issues there won’t be a problem)So to do it, go to Settings > General > Device Management, then search for the AirShou and hit the Trust button.

Step 3

To start a screen recording, open the AirShou app, then sign in or create an account. From there, select the Record option from the main menu, then name your recording and choose your preferred orientation.

Before recording, you will need to select your own device from the AirPlay list (accessible from the Control Center), and make sure that Mirroring is toggled on for it.

To end the recording, either tap on the red banner, or go back to Shou and select Stop. You’ll be automatically taken back to the Record screen. Hit the small icon up top to see your recordings.

Select your screen recording, then tap on Open In… to open the video in another application (Vine, iFile, etc.) or to share it via AirDrop or email. You can also save to your Camera Roll.

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tao kaba


I was able to download it successfully but it was making me want to download this app called Tutu Helper before I could use AirShou. I had 2 options, Install or click Cancel. And if I clicked Cancel, AirShou would exit on me. I decided to just delete it coz all I needed was just AirShou and it won’t let me use it. Thanks for posting this tho. I’m on iOS10.


U will require to download TutuApp and TutuApp is an apps that can let you download hacked games without jail breaking.


I can get the airshow for downloading. Unable to download, retry or done. It all i got. Please i need recorder. Have any app? Thanks