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Rafaela Tactics-Tricks


Rafaela very popular in Mobile Legends and she has a very useful skills for your team. I will show you Rafaela tactics and tips-tricks by Flying Tomato (s3201). You can learn how to play Rafaela…

Rafaela Tactics-Tricks

Rafaela General

Rafaela, in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (referred to as Bangbang hereinafter), is defined as a support. However, in the battle, Rafaela is not only capable of healing the team but also able to provide damage continuously. With her ability of speeding up herself while slowing down the enemy, she becomes a hero that is most able to make an unexpectable kill in combat.

Rafaela’s Skills Analysis

👉Heaven’s Blessing (Passive): Damage-dealing abilities will slow down enemies for 1.5s, and healing abilities will speed up allies for 1s. It is this passive skill that allows Rafaela to run wild throught the battlefield freely. Cooperating with the skill Light of Retribution she can slow down the enemies, and with the skill Holy Healing, she can speed up greatly herself and the whole team. It is incomparable no matter to escape or to chase.
👉Light of Retribution (Skill 1): Uses the power of Holy Light to deal 220 pts of magic damage to the nearest three enemies. Main damage skill. With a short cooldown and low mana consumption, she can keep dealing damage. Recommended to upgrade first when in a dominant game.
👉Holy Healing (Skill 2): Summons Holy Light to regen 410 HP for herself and the most injured ally near her. Main healing skill. Cooldown time is a little long while mana consumption is ideally low, making her regen ability outstanding. Recommended to upgrade first in a disadvantage game.
👉Holy Baptism (Ulti): Uses Holy Light to punish enemies before her, dealing 700 pts of magic damage and stunning targets for 2s. Deals damage and stuns to enemies in a straight line. It provides a nice amount of damage, also can control multiple enemies with one cast. Use in a good time to gain the control of battle.

Battle Spell Choice

Healing Spell. No need to mention that it can regen HP and save hero’s life at a crucial time, this spell also can increase Rafaela’s and her teammates’ movement speed due to Rafaela’s passive skill. With Holy Healing skill, Rafaela can escape from combat quickly.

Rafaela Gears Recommendation

Enchanted Talisman, Magic Shoes, Concentrated Energy, Fleeting Time, Calamity Scythe, Blood Wings.
Gears Analysis
Hey you can look the builds for Rafaela: Click
👉Enchanted Talisman: As a support, you have to live through combats for a long time. The cooldown of her second skill Holy Healing is relatively long, therefore, CD reduction is required. Also, using skills fruently will cause an empty mana bar easily. Enchanted Talisman provides CD reduction as well as mana regeneration, thus it certainly will become your first choice.
👉Magic Shoes: A fast movement is needed if you want to survice. Also Rafaela can cast skills more often with its CD reduction addition.
👉Concentrated Energy: The best choice to provide ability of coutinuous damage to Rafaela. This item, first of all increases magic damage and the ability of HP regen, secondly enhances HP total amount, which will ensure that Rafaela won’t die quickly when receiving some AOE damage. First choice for you if you want to join in combats.
👉Fleeting Time: Increases magic power and mana regen speed in basic stats and decreases CD. Unique passive will allow Rafaela to use skills again faster after killing an enemy. Also it can raise her damage ability when using damage skills.
👉Calamity Scythe: Increases magic power and mana upper limit in basic stats and decreases CD. Unique passive allows Rafaela to deal 150% extra magic damage with next basic attack. Her magic power is already great, now she can do even better in team fight dealing damage continuously.
👉Blood Wings: Increases magic power in basic stats greatly. Meanwhile, unique passive will increase HP upper limit by a large amount, improving Rafaela’s survival ability tremendously.
NOTE: You can click the item name for the information.

Rafaela Emblem Set Choice

👉Magic Assassin Set: Decreases mana cose and cooldown, increases magic power, HP amount and movement speed. All five attributes are extremely useful for Rafaela. A perfect choice.

Rafaela Combat Tips

Rafaela is not a hero of burst damage. She consumes the enemy gradually with continuous damage. Therefore, Rafaela has great advantages in pushing lane, keeping retoring team’s HP and costing damage to enemies by frequent use of skills. You only need to be aware of being ambushed by enemy assassins at the cross of road or in the bushes. After upgrading to level 4, Rafaela needs to keep circling around with enemies throughout battlefield. Follow your teammates and do not go out alone, otherwises you can only become a moving ‘ATM’ for enemies when you encounter them.

Rafaela Team Fight Tips

As a hero lacking of damage burst, the most important thing in team fight is to survive. Thus, Rafaela should hide behind the team. When the front lines engage, pay attention to teammates’ HP. Use first skill to deal damage and lower enemies movement speed; use ult to control and stun, enhancing chances of dealing damages for your team. Do not use ult only to get the skills for yourself. If the battle is dominated by allied team, then cast the ult as a beginning movement, otherwise, save it for defense.
Thx to “Flying Tomato (s3201)” it’s him advices.
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Hi there! Great guide! Keep it up! I’m a Rafaela main with 71% win rate on her.. Currently only at Grandmaster 4 though. A few things I need to point out. 1) Cooldown(CD) : This game capped it at 40%. All items + Emblems. This goes to the next point. 2) Build: Having 60% CD is really gonna affect your other attributes like magical power and thus your healing and dmg. 2a) Concentrated Energy is my last choice of item actually. As Rafaela doesn’t do that much dmg to enemies to fully maximise the Spell Vamp Effect. 2b) Fleeting time:… Read more »

Sorry my reply is a bit late.

After reading your comment and now knowing that the game capped the CD at 40%, what’s your recommended build for Rafaela? What would you switch Concentrated Energy and Fleeting Time for?

Thanks in advance!


For CD you can get Dominace Ice and Enchanted Talisman. Having both gives you 40% CD already. Drop the Magic Shoes because you dont need the cooldown anymore and opt for Rapid Boots. You can also add Frost, which adds slow. So since first skill already does slow, using frost makes enemy slower. I’m at Epic Tier. And everybody knows rafaela is squishy and most enemies target her first, plus dont forget that enemies probably have higher emblems so more damage. Make rafaela tank-y so you’ll survive and support the team better.


wow, how many match you use her so far with that win rate? same i’m in epic tier, full supp hero use from GM to epic haha. ncie knowing you all


whats your record though? If you are like 71-100 then I say you’re really good with a support or your team is just really good. Sometimes I play really hard core and my partners just cant play good and we lose thats why I’m currently around 14-9 : [ I just started playing her yesterday.


Indeed. Often frustrated to trolls that makes our job hard. They just stumble upon enemies just to be butchered and leaves us ganged up. Lol.


not gonna lie, it’s freaking hard to keep your team alive if most of your team is noob


yey finally a rafa main haha, it’s very rare to find one in the community

I used Rafaela for about 2 days hahaha and i can say that she’s really worth it, I mean everyone needs a support. Im currently master 3 because of her. Haha im tired of using layla and miya. My last standing was 16-0. I used before killer tank. And all i can say that she’s really powerful! Now my win rate is 54% Hahaha not bad i think? Lol. Im using tank emblem for her. Enchanted talisman, Dominant ice, Demonds advent, immortality and last is heart of steal. I dont usually get heart of steal because until immortality ability is… Read more »

I just started playing Rafaela because I’m a support kinda guy and I dislike not able to cure my hp. Sometimes its hard to play her because your allies doesn’t protect her and her HP is very low and she dies really fast when sniped by any assassin. So far I am 13-9 record with her and currently in Grandmaster 4. I’m still learning but overall shes fun! Rafaela gets beasty though when you upgrade her. Pretty much your team is unstoppable… until she dies.


she is a monster! haha