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Don’t Make Purchases any Unofficial Sources


Hi everyone, this is important warning, Please do not make purchases or recharge from any unofficial sources. This is dangerous and not right.

Official Mobile Legends saying:

Dear Heroes:

As your MLBB player community grows in numbers, we have found that there are some mean-spirited individuals out there trying to use illegally means to abuse the system for their own benefits, including risky activities such as offering to help other users recharge and buy Diamonds!

In order to maintain fairness within the game and to protect our millions of users’ benefits, our MLBB Official Operations Team would like to remind all players that:

  1. Currently Mobile Legends has only officially launched on platforms such as Google Play, App Store and Korea’s local gaming platform One Store. Therefore, for all downloads and in-game purchases, please only do it through these official channels.
  2. As for users who have purchased in-game items using unofficial methods, our system will automatically trace the illegally bought items in game and deduct these items from their in-game accounts. We also reserve the right to permanently ban users who have maliciously abused the system!
  3. Please do not share your game account information with others. In the case where the account is lost or stolen under such circumstances, you do so at your own risk!
  4. If you discover that any unofficial personel is attempting to cheat MLBB users by offering other benefits, please immediately contact our customer service team, and we will deal with this as a matter of urgency!

Our MLBB Operations Team will make every effort to ensure that we have the best environment available for our players to enjoy the game, and will continue to make improvements in every aspect.

Look at:

Official Mobile Legends E-MailCustom service: mobilelegendsgame@gmail.com

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How to become starlight member?


Why i can not open the mobile legends i cant play in my phone please help me.


why mu account get 3 day banned?what’s wrong??please tell me
nick name: [U]PokPok
tier:grand master 1
last game:ranked


I already purchase RM79.90 (Malaysia Ringgit) on 14 May 2017 for 1000 diamonds via celcom topup (google play purchase).. the purchase was decline but my celcom credit already been cut and i didnt get any diamonds.. how can i get to fix up this problem? Please help me.. RM79.90 is not a little purchase for me.. it was a big payment i ever paid..


Greetings to all!

I’ve been trying to buy diamonds today of which three continuous purchase on google play store of 50 diamonds were successfully made using Airtel billing service (India). But now I can’t buy anymore because it says “UNSUCCESSFUL”.
It would be very kind of your community letting me know the reason.

Thanking all…..




I accidentally unbinding my mlbb account and now I lost it. Can you restore it?