New Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Her everyone, new tips for beginners, you can learn about playing Mobile Legends. If you have never played this style of games, you can read this information.

Tips to Practice

Please keep in mind, to hone in your skills, you MUST practice, practice, practice! It must become second nature!

Become familiar with legends you play as, and what others, who you play against, are able to do. This is essential.

In addition, these are some of the very basic fundamentals and concepts. In other words, this is NOT ONLY what there is.

Lane Phase

This phase is within the first half of the game.

During this phase, your top priority should be killing minions. It is essential to accumulate as much gold as possible; you desperately need those items and experience to level up.

DO NOT: prioritize killing your opponent; only do so if you’re confident in successfully killing him or her.

Exchange “Trades”: This means having small intervals where you and your opponent poke each other with your attacks. You get to see how your opponent is playing: passive or aggressive. You can use this to your advantage.

If your opponent is playing passive, then he or she will be not accumulating as much gold as you. It will also give you time for you to go into your jungle and kill some bonus creeps. If he or she is playing aggressive, then do not engage into any fight unless you’re confident you can take him or her on.

Be aware of the items your opponent(s) are purchasing, their gold lead and their level. Should you have to fight so soon, it is best to keep that in mind. In doing so, you can make adjustments in the items you are buying.

For example (and in simple terms): your opponent is an attack damage legend, then if you’re buying protective gear, buy armor, not magic resistance.

Map Awareness!

I cannot stress this enough! By having map awarenss (you are keeping check of where everyone is in your mini map on the upper left hand corner) you’re being conscious of where your teammates are, and most importantly, where your opponents are; by doing so, you will be able to avoid “ganks” as much as possible. This brings us to our next tip.

Mobile Legends Ganks!

“Ganking” is when you, your teammate(s), your opponent(s) make a visit to your or another lane. They will surprise you by intruding: stunning, slowing, attacking you while your guard is down. This is why it is important to utilize map awareness. You drastically drop the chances of becoming a victim of ganks because you will be able to anticipate an opponent attempting to intrude on your lane. If an opponent on the other team is always hidden, then he or she is most likely jungling. Supporting him or herself on the creeps (minions) that lie in the jungle, and will occasionally gank your lanes. This occurs frequently during the laning phase because it provides a very good upper hand for that team in the early part of the game.

Team Phase

This phase is usually the second half of the game (mid,late-game).

During this phase, you have to prioritize on being with your teamates. Because opponents will have a good portion of their item builds done, you may not be able to 1v1 your enemies efficiently. This is primarily due to damage output: how much you can receive and give. Not to mention, getting caught by yourself can end horribly and drastically affect the outcome of your game: win or lose.


Forget about that person you’ve been ownin’ the entire part of early game. It’s time to push that lane to get turrets! (Keep in mind, this can occur in early game as well). You must prioritize destroying the other team’s turrets and inhibitors. Racking up kills does not matter. These are the key objectives. Succeed in a fight? Then keep in mind of your opponent(s) respawn time, and destroy a tuuret(s), etc. After that? Why not attempt to get Lorde? Or slay the turtle for extra gold? These things only support you in winning your game.

Team Fights

You must try to roam with your teammates. Forget about trying to 1v1 that person you’ve been killing throughout the game. It’s now vital to participate in group fights. Focus on positioning yourself so you don’t soak in damage. Throw your stuns, slows, spells, etc. at legends who matter, not their tank. Give them to that person who has been killing you or your teammates all game. Do so accordingly. Be efficient. These are the fights that will lead you to victory.. Or worse, give you a big, fat “Defeat” displayed on your screen. No one wants that, right?

This concludes some of the basic fundamentals I had in mind that every beginner should know. Again, familiarize yourself with what other legends’ abilities are. Hone in on your skills and practice. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and found it helpful!

Thank you Notorious, for the information…

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