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New Patch Notes v1.1.62

Mobile Legends Patch Notes v1.1.62

Hi my friends, i find 1.1.62 on internet searching, there are some adjustments and hero balance changes. Also we have new skin and new features.

I know some servers didn’t get the 1.1.60 yes, but there is some issues on there. I trust Official MLBB to they will fix very soon, and they working best for us.

New Patch Notes v1.1.62

New Skin

Mobile Legends Alice Wizard Teacher

Alice – Wizard Teacher, Epic Skin

New Features and Events

  1. Now heroes can have an image of a little wisp when the game is still download ing dynamic resources. The display will return to normal when the download completes. For now this feature applies to Kagura, Hayabusa and Fanny.
  2. Now renewing thee Starlight Member will give you 200 Tickets as the renewal reward. That’s to say, if you have bought Starlight Member in February, then after the patch v1.1.62 goes online, you can get a reward of 200 Tickets when you buy the Starlight Member of March. Please do note that:
    a. Renewal reward is only for those who bought the Starlight Member of February;
    b. We will send the renewal reward manually through in-game mail to the okayers who buy Starlight Member of March before the update of the patch v1.1.62

Hero Balance Adjustments


Rum: Basic healing amount increases from 500/750/1000/1250/1750 to 680/960/1240/1520/1800/2080; time interval of each healing increases from 0.5s to 0.6s.


Inital attack increases by 5.

Fission Wave: Lifesteal bonus reduces from 0.3 to0.15; duration of Lifesteal bonus and target locking increases from 5 sec to 8 sec. When the ult is cast, the additional Lifesteal effect will no longer apply to basic attack. Its cooldown reduces from 35/30/24 sec to 30/25/20 sec.


World Wave: Now the skill can decrease the armor of hit enemies additional.


Yin Yang Overturn: Its slowing effect can no longer stack with it of Seimei Umbrella Open. The total AP bonus increases from 2.1 to 2.4.


The Rage point gained from dealt damage reduces by 1 point. Natural Rage restoration during engagement reduces by 1 point. Duration of the fury status reduces by 2 sec.


Howitzer: Reloading time increases from 10 sec to 12 sec.


Mystic Injunction: Cooldown reduces by 1.5 sec.


Only Fast: Duration of the slowing effect increases from 1.7 sec to 1.9 sec.


Charge: Cooldown adjusts from 9 sec at all levels to 14/13/12/11/10/9 sec.


Don’t Run, Wolf King!: The time of attack roll before damage decreases from 0.3 sec to 0.06 sec and it of attack roll after damage increases from 0.06 sec to 0.429 sec. The overall tempo remains the same. The radius of pulling effect reduces from 2.7 yards to 2.5 yards. Now it’s easier to draw enemies.


Flowing Blood: Fixes the problem that the animation time of the second-stage damage doesn’t sync with the actual time.

Alucard – Fanny

Adjusts the performance of their motion of basic attack.

Gear and Battle Spells Adjustments

Battle Spells


Is no longer affected by CD reduction effects.


Duration of control effect immunity reduces from 2 sec to 1 sec.

System Adjustments

  • Optimizes the performance when scrolling the hero list and the display reset effect when switching back from other interfaces.
  • Live Stream and Arena Contest Adjustments:
    a. On the gift scoreboard, the numbers can have different sizes according to popularity.
    b. Adds a new leaderboard for gift giving.
    c. Merges Likes leaderboard and Gift value leaderboard together into the Popularity leaderboard.
    d. Adds a game forecast on contest live stream page.
  • New Arena-Contest-related Achievements:
    a. Nation’s Pride: Play certain number of matches to achieve.
    b. Free-spender: Give out certain value of gifts to achieve.
    c. Money Maker: Receive certain value of gifts to achieve.

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Hans M

Hi admin, I would like to know when they will put the flag of costa rica, since we are one of the countries that does not even have its own flag, and not having one we feel a bit discriminated

M0nkey D Luffy

Admin ?! When will be this update. I’m from Turkey. I can’t buy Starlight Membership. It says “Coming Soon” ? When will be this Update? Today? Tonight? Any informations? Please tell us something man!

Eikon Voni

Hi im a player from saudi arabia representing philippines, and can i just say when will we get the new update? Its been almost 2 weeks since Moskov is released and i still havent updated. Can you fix the problem?


Kind of shit that on ios we have to wait for the update. That new starlight member better come out soon from ios or I’m taking my money somewhere else it’s getting ridiculous that we ios users update after update have to wait days sometimes weeks to get pushed the update android users get. It’s unfair and purely stupid.


Well wasn’t there a facebook past about that they have to wait for Apple store to finish their “audit checking” or whatever they call it before the update gets released in iOS. So go blame App Store.


Not the kind of buff I thought Chou would have but its a start….


Chou never needed a buff he needed a nerf that’s why the stun was removed and was replaced with a slow.


Still seeing the same fragment heroes at the store. In the patch notes about Moskov it was stated that there are new heroes at the fragment shop.


cant update everytime it hang


When are we going to get the update at the same time with android, i’ve been waiting long enough for the update so i can play together with my brothers. Look, yes, finally new update for IOS. Wait, oh I still can’t play MBLL with my brothers. Fix this. Their server (android) are always more updated than us. FIX THIS??? ..


Well is it just me or is the game just ruined at the moment? I cannot play a descent match since the update…Ruby seems useless right now


Could you please implement searching users by country?


Inutilizaron a alucard ya no servira por el nerf explica por que le sacaron el robo de vida por favof rework a alucard


THIS IS A FAN-MADE Website and has no Association with Moonton. -_-


can you also adjust lolita. her ult skill was too long to strike and when your facïng nana or ruby after casting their ult skill, lolita ult was suddenly cancelled. How fair is that if you can’t use lolita ult wisely. maybe you can adjust the time of the strike or making her immune to any skiĺl if she cast her ult. Please consider this cause i felt like lolita was left behind


Hi admin wanna ask if theres an error to those who use ios devices version 7.0.6? They cannot update the game and cannot log in there account. The app keeps crashing. Are they aware with this issue since they release new patched autobot johnson. Ty for reply


New patch is not yet offered in ios why is it always delayed ! 🙁