New Hero Sun, Patch Notes


We have a new hero! Sun, Monkey King. New skins, Hero Balance Adjustment, Battleground Changes, System Improvements, Fixed some bugs. All news about patch!

Patch Notes

New Hero – Sun

Current Price: 32k BP, 599 Diamonds, 30% discount within the first week.

Note: You can learn more information about Sun: Click

Heroes and Skins

  • Free Rotation: 8 Heroes, from 12/23 to 12/30: Miya, Alice, Tigreal, Bruno, Rafaela, Fanny, Minotaur, Gord
  • 4 Starlight Member extra free heroes: Balmond, Bane, Clint, Nana

New Skins

Sun – Monkey King, price: 599 Diamonds

Hayabusa – Spacetime Shadow, price: 269 Diamonds

Hero Balance Adjustment


Yin Yang Overturn: Increased its damage addition when Kagura is not holding the Umbrella from 430/580/730 to 400/520/640.


Spirit Contact: Its initial damage is decreased from 50 to 20.

Godspeed Strike: The cooldown is increased by 0.5s.


Holy Baptism: Basic damage is decreased from 700/850/1000 to 550/680/810.


Mystic Favor: Damage of every tier is increaded from 4% to 5%.


Tornado Strike: Energy cost is decreased from 18 to 15.


Shadow Rush: Decreased the freezing time after casting the skill, and the hero now can move to a location closer to the target.


Sacred Hammer: The second-stage collision now can be released even the first collision doesn’t hit.

Battleground Changes

  • Increased the increasing rate of turret’s each attack from 30% to 40%; increased the turret’s attack by 5%-10%.
  • The physical attack and magic power additions provided to nearby allied teammates by the resurrected Lord are decreased from 20% to 10%.

System Improvements

  • After buying a skin, the skin will be used as a default and display in the list.
  • Added a Hero Leaderboard and Global Leaderboard in Leaderboards.
  • Now players can tap and check the gears on the battle result table.
  • Now players can add friends on Battle History’s result table.
  • Now players can add friends in Custom Mode room.
  • Improved the sharing pages.

Fixed Bugs

  • Corrected the wrong voice announcement after the Turtle dies.
  • Fixed the issue that characters are unable to show after changing the language versions.

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