New Hero Ruby, Patch Notes 1.1.54


We have a new hero! Alpha, The Ultimate Weapon. New skins, Hero Balance Adjustment, Battleground Changes, System Improvements, Fixed some bugs. All news about patch!

Mobile Legends Patch Notes 1.1.54

Weekly Free Hero Rotation

1) 8 free rotation heroes of this week: from Jan. 27th to Feb. 3rd
Miya, Alice, Karina, Rafaela, Fanny, Lolita, Natalia, Chou
2) 6 extra free heroes for Starlight Member: Balmond, Saber, Nana, Minotaur, Gord, Sun (takes into effect after all-sever update)

New Skins

February Starlight permanent skin: Miya – Thorn Captain
Exclusive event skin for Chinese traditional Spring Festival: Chou – Dragon Boy
Ruby – Cat Girl: 269 diamonds
Bruno – Best DJ: 749 diamonds

New Features

1) If game resources for heroes are not fully downloaded, the heroes in the battle will show as little wisps.
2) Adds a report function for avatars and the chat content on the home interface.
3) Adds the translation function for the chat content on the home interface.

Hero Balance Adjustments


HP growth increases from 200 to 220.


Forked Lightning: Bonus coefficient increases from 1.2 to 1.6; attack range decreases from 6 to 5.7; cooldown increases by 2s.
Thunderstruck: Bonus coefficient decreases from 2 to 1, bonus damage to main target increases from 15% to 100%; cooldown increases by 6s; attack range decreases from 6 to 5.7; Adds screen shake effect on action effect


Mystic Favor: skill effect increases from 5% to 6%.


Triple Sweep: attack range decreases from 8 to 6.8;

Flying Sword: damage falloff of hitting multiple times is adjusted from 75%/70%/65%/60%/55%/50% to 75%/68%/61%/54%/47%/40%.


Steel Cable: basic flying speed decreases from 9 to 8.


Force Swing: Adds a limitation on HP regen effect: 5 times effect of basic HP regen at most;

Rotary Impact: basic damage decreases by 60; skill bonus coefficient decreases from 1.5 to 1.3.


Adjusts the recommended gears for Rafaela.


Fury Shock: Mana cost is adjusted from 40 for all levels to 40/50/60/70/80/90;

Iron Hook: its cooldown at the top level increases by 1s.


Yin Yang Overturn: With the Umbrella: deals magic damage to nearby enemies and slows them down.

Without the Umbrella: initiates a link with Seimei Umbrella and refreshes the cooldown of the skill Seimei Umbrella Open. When the Umbrella moves, the enemies touched by the link will be injured and slowed down. The umbrella will deal magic damage to enemy units that it touches.


Fission Shot: damage bonus for the additional target decreases from 0.35 to 0.3.


Protective Shield: cooldown increases by 2s


Basic HP increases by 60 pts; basic armor increases by 2 pts; basic HP regen increases by 5 pts.


Optimizes special effects of his display and in-battle performance

Gears Adjustments

Beast Killerthe increased physical and magical resistance from the unique passive Gorge is adjusted from 2 pts to 3 pts.

Raptor Machetethe increased physical attack from the unique passive Gorge is adjusted from 4 pts to 6 pts.

Battleground Adjustments

1) The additional chase up range of heroes decreases from 0.5 to 0.3.
2) Adjusts the visions of heroes and minions to match the active area better.
3) Removes the protection mechanism in the Brawl mode which lowers the damage the turrets receive during the first 3 minutes of a game.
4) Increases the rewarded golds provided by monsters in the Brawl mode.
5) Adjusts the stats of super minions in the Brawl mode.
6) Adjusts the range of indicator of some skills to allow it to match the actual skill effect range better.
7) Optimizes the cache releasing issue to allow the game to run more smoothly.
8) Increases the attack range of the resurrected Lord.
9) Improves some skills’ description and makes them more specific.
10) The resurrection countdown now will show up on the battleground score board.
11) The prices for selling gears now can be displayed when tapping the gears in the battle.
12) The time limit on launching the surrender is adjusted to 6 minutes in Match Up and Ranked mode; it in Brawl and AI vs Human mode is adjusted to 4 minutes; it in Custom mode is adjusted to 1 minute.
13) Optimizes the visual process of surrender.
14) Adds a sound effect for getting a medal after the battle ends.

System Adjustments

1) Adds the Ticket rewards on season rewards of the Ranked Game. Now according to the highest rank division record, players can get 1500 Tickets as rewards at most when the season is over.
2) Adjusts and improves the tutorial for new players.
3) Adds a display of victory conditions in the game for low level players.
4) Adds the Director Mode in the video replay. Now players can switch between Director Mode and Locked Perspective Mode.
5) Optimizes the mechanism of friend status refreshing.
6) Now the rest time of Double Exp and Double BP card can show up in the team-up room.
7) Optimizes the prompt of private messages.
8) Optimizes the card of Saber’s skin – Golden Warrior.
9) Optimizes the card of Franco’s skin – Wasteland Butcher.
10) Optimizes the visual effects of hero display page.
11) Updates the home interface with a new one
12) The hero picture of the sharing page now will show according to the hero that players choose in battle.
13) Adds the feature of one-tap upgrade for upgrading emblems.

Bug Fixing

1) Fixes the bug that the number of buff layers cannot show correctly in the battle.

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