New Hero Kagura, Patch Notes


New hero in Mobile Legends. Her name is Kagura, Onmyouji Master. 32000 battle points, and she is Mage, Damage-Reap. I think she is little hard to play, difficult. Make practice and learn Kagura’ skills. Then you play very well. You must be careful and always look the map. I will show which items recommanded for Kagura.

New Hero Kagura, Patch Notes

New Hero: Kagura, the Onmyouji Master ! 30% OFF for the First Week!

Price: 419 Diamond/32000BP (Original Price: 599 Diamond)

Kagura Backstory

Onmyouji Master is a strong yin and yang of the powerful driven by spirits, yin and yang. The Kagura family is the oldest and most powerful of the Onmyouji, the most powerful of which is the Ancestor Master. Kagura as the family of the most potential of Onmyouji, was given to the generation of artifacts from the yin and yang – Seimei umbrella. It is said that the umbrella had been Seimei with a hundred ghost of the power of refining, have their own wisdom and life, only by the owner’s drive and control. That childhood play Falcon to the dawn of the mainland to perform the task of life after death, Kagura secretly took Seimei umbrella from the home to the dawn of the continent, hoping to help Falcons hand.
 Kagura Skills
Passive: Yin Yang Gathering, When the Qing Ming Umbrella and hero is become couple, dealing true damage to surrounding enemies.

Skill 1: Qing Ming Open Umbrella, Move to Seimei Umbrella to the designated area, dealing magic damage, and also slowing down them.

Skill 2: Luo Sheng Running Umbrella, If you having umbrella when you using the skill, you would move to a specified direction and the umbrella would remain on the spot. One without Qing Ming umbrella would move to the place where the umbrella is, also equips self with a shield that can block up damage.

Ulti: Yin Yang Switch, Hero with the Qing Ming Umbrella dealing magical damage and attacked the enemy, also slowing them down. If you don’t have the Umbrella, you would make a link with the umbrella in. Any enemy that touches the link taking damage and slow down, also the enemy touching the hero dealing magic damage.

Note: You can look the Detailed Kagura Features. Click

New Skins

Kagura – Flower Season Price: 299 Diamonds
Miya – Christmas Cheer You can acquire it from the Christmas Event.

Christmas Event: Lucky Box! Exclusive Skin for Miya!

Deselect the 4 items you don’t want and you can start looting treasures! You will get all treasures after looting 10 times!
Besides emblem fragments, skin fragments and skins, there’s an exclusive Christmas Skin for Miya!

Hero Balance Changes


Increases the basic HP of Balmond, Tigreal, Akai, Franco, Bane, Minotaur and Lolita by 50.


Reduces the basic damage of Energy Rocket from 200/240/280/320/360/400 to 190/220/250/280/310/340.


Increases the basic movement speed from 245 to 250. Reduces the cooldown of Forked Lightning from 7.5/7/6.5/6/5.5/5 secs to 6.5/6.2/5.9/5.6/5.3/5 secs


Increases the HP growth of each level from 259 to 266.


The energy cost of Steel Cable rises from 16/14/12/10/8/6 to 14/13/12/11/10/9.
Reduces the natural recovery speed of energy from 6 to 5.


Raises the bullet speed of Mystic Projectile from 8 to 8.5.


The damage of Meat Tank no longer decreases even Akai hits the same target.


Ninjutsu: Shadow Heal : Hayabusa now only needs to hit the same hero 4 times to recover HP.
Quad Shadow: Raises the speed of phantom from 9 to 10.


Increases the HP growth of each level from 173.5 to 187.8.


Blood Ancestry: When was killed nearby minions, will produce a blood orb.Absorbing blood will permanently increase HP.

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