New Hero, Gatotkaca – Mighty Legend

Mobile Legends New Hero Gatotkaca

New Indonesian Hero Gatotkaca, Might Legend! National Hero from Indonesian! Mobile Legends will come the other national hero, soon…

New Hero, Gatotkaca – Mighty Legend

From: Innoichi

Hi guys, ive seen the player surveys. And it looks like gatotkaca is coming up.
Thus i want to participate on this hero making, since he is one of our nation’s hero.

Gatotkaca somewhat seen using keris (waved dagger) and bow, but apparently gatotkaca didn’t wield any weapon and using strength as his power.

Here i come with my own concept:

Role: Fighter (crowd control, charge)

Passive:  Gatotkaca has iron bones and wire muscle, giving him additional strength to his punch.
(every xx sec, add xx damage buff. Damage dealed with this buff is always crit)

Skill 1: gatotkaca thrust toward to an pointed location, punching the hero he collides,
(deal xx damage to minions along the line, exploding on a hero it collides dealing xx damage, add area buff on collides, reduce regeneration rate on hero by xx% last xx sec)

Skill 2:  gatotkaca slam the ground, shaking the enemy around, (deal xx damage to nearby enemies, slowing their movement speed by xx%, last xx sec)

Skill 3: gatotkaca release his true strength, grants him an aura to pierce the thickness of steel. (give hero a short buff, add xx damage and xx% physical penetration, last xx sec)

Thats my oppinion,
Well i prefer gatotkaca’s character to be floated, nor running in his bare foot.. XD
I leave it blank on damage number, percentages, or last sec, i believe devs has the best calculating system to balanced the game.. Thank you very much

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