New Hero Chou, Patch Notes


Today we have a new Hero Chou and we will show Patch Notes New features, christmas talent event, hero balance changes in Mobile Legends.

New Hero Chou, Patch Notes

New Hero: Chou, the Kung Fu Boy! 30% off for the first week!

Current Price: 349 Diamonds/24,000 Battle Points (Orginal Price: 499 Diamonds/24,000 Battle Points)

Note: You can learn detail information about Chou: Click

New Skins for Christmas

Chou – Hip-Hop boy, Price: 299 Diamonds

Karina – Christmas Cheer, Price: 599 Diamonds

Gord – Christmas Cheer, Price: 599 Diamonds

Eudora – Christmas Cheer, Price: You can redeem this skin with 250 skin fragments during Dec 23th to Dec 29th.

Added animations on the illustration of Miya’s Christmas Skin.

New Features

A Christmas themed map for normal and ranked matches.

A Christmas themed loading screen.

All players will receive a Christmas Avatar Frame during the Christmas event, which can be used for 5 days.

Christmas, XMAS Talents Event

During the event, you can get Christmas Gift Boxes by sharing battle results to Facebook, playing matches and becoming MVP!

Note: You can learn detail information about XMAS Talent Event: Click

Improved Kagura’s skills and skill combinationds.

Seimei Umbrella Opne: Increased the radius of bullet. Reduced the cooldown from 5/4.6/4.2/3.8/3.4/3 secs to 5/4.5/4/3.5/3/2.5 secs. Increased the scaling ratio from 1.3 to 2. Increased the basic damage from 305/330/355/380/405/430 to 330/380/430/480/530/580. Now you can cast the skill even when you’re controlled.

Yin Yang Gathering: When Kagura gets the umbrealla, she will acquire a shield, stun surrounding enemies and deal damage to them. The effect takes place every 3.5 secs.

Roshou Umbrella Flee:

With Seimei Umbrella: Releases the hero from any movement-impairing effects, moving to the specified direction and leaving the umbrella on the spot.

Without Seimei Umbrella: Moves to the umbrella and deals magic damage to the target enemies.

Yin Yang Overturn:

With Seimei Umbrella: Deals magic damage, knocking back the nearby enemies and slowing them down.

Without Seimei Umbrella: Generates a link with the umbrella, and refresh the skill Seimei Umbrella Open immediately, dealing damages to any enemy that it touches and slowing them down, dealing magic damage to the 1st enemy it touches.

Hero Balance Changes


Steel Cable: Increased the energy cost of all level by 1. Each successive use will decrease energy cost by 1 instead of 2. Fixed the infinite energy issue.


Holy Baptism: There will be a warning before you cast the skill.

Light of Retribution: Increased the mana cost from 70/80/90/100/110/120 to 70/85/100/115/130/145. Reduced the scaling ratio from 1.4 to 1.2.

Holy Healing: Reduced the scaling ratio of crowd healing from 0.6 to 0.3. Increased the cooldown from 9.5/9/8.5/8/7.5/7 secs to 10.5/10.1/9.7/9.3/8.9/8.5 secs.


Phantom Shuriken: Increased the scaling ratio of attack from 1 to 1.2.


Mystic Injunction: Increased the basic damage of all levels by 5. Increased the scaling ratio from 0.07 to 0.1.

Mystic Profectile: Increased the bullet speed from 8.5 to 9.

Mystic Favor: Increased the extra damage from 3% to 4%.


Increased the basic movement speed from 260 to 265.


Changed the recommended equipment for Bane.

Reduce the armor growth of each level from 4 to 3.6.


Energy Rocket: Reduced the cooldown of all levels from 4 secs to 6 secs.

Yun Zhao

Supreme Warrior: Yun Zhao will now immune to slow effects instead of controlling effects after casting the skill.

Spear Strike: Increased the range of all levels by 5%.


Forked Lightning: Increased the range from 5.5 to 6.


Claw Dash: Increased the cooldown by 2 secs and mana cost by 10.

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Pra mim a redução do cooldown da Lolita foi exagerada, poderia ter sido de 4 segs para 5 segs. Porque o “Energy Rocket” precisa ser mirado, e necessita de 2 acertos para stun, e não pode ter nada entre a Lolita e o alvo para que acerte. Diferente do stun da Eudora, que não necessita de mira, e não a como desviar. For me, the reduction of the cooldown of Lolita was exaggerated, could have been of 4 secs to 5 secs. Because the Energy Rocket needs to be looked at, and it needs 2 hits to stun, and can… Read more »


Mas no geral a atualização foi muito boa. O aumento de resolução das imagens dos herois. As skins de natal. O campo de Batalha ficou com o visual muito legal. E principalmente o aumento na quantidade de skins que podem ser compradas com fragmentos. Tudo isso foi muito bom.


LOL Yun days ended. And i just emailed them to refund my money. I purchased skin to use with good champion not with crappy. Now i just walk around wait till enemy have low HP. Now i cant engage.. every champ have cc.. After this patch New Champ wrecks all. Atleast Freya can stop him..