New Emblem Set Info and Rules

Mobile Legends New Emblem Set Info and Rules

In Mobile Legends we have new emblem style and new features. Now you can power up your emblem sets and so add new talents. It’s very easy to use the game gave you Talent Point and you can add to power up. The more details and rules coming, you can comment your idea about Emblems.

Emblem Set Rules

  • We have created 9 different emblem sets for different roles. You own 2 common emblem sets at the beginning. The rest 7 emblem sets will be unlocked when your account reaches Level 10. Each emblem set increases your power in some way.
  • Each emblem set has its own emblem level, Level 1 at the beginning (up to Level 60). Each upgrade requires some items and BPs, and grants some attribute boots.
  • Each emblem talent tree will be unlocked once each emblem set reaches Level 15. You own 1 talent points at the beginning and get 1 talent point every 5 levels. So you will be able to get all 7 talent points when it reaches level 45.
  • Each emblem talent has 3 tiers. The first 2 tiers provide basic attribute boots, each talent can be upgraded up yo Level 3. The last tier provides stronger effects. Each talent can be upgraded up to 1 Level. You can upgraded unlocked talent by Level 1 with 1 talent point.
  • Rules of Unlocking Talents:
    – The first tier has no limitation. You can upgrade them with talent points, up to 3 talent points used in the first tier.
    – The 2nd tier will be unlocked when you use 3 talent points in the first tier. You can upgrade talents with talent points, up to 3 talent points.
    – There is no limitation in the 3rd tier. However, each talent has its own unlock level and only 1 talent point can be used in the 3rd tier.
  • Each emblem set’s talent points can be distributed and reset at will for free. Reset button is beside the talent point. When there are multiple talents unlocked, you can re-distribute the talent points by tapping the check button to change your talent in the 3rd tier.
  • There are 2 talent pages for each emblem set beside talent points. The first page is for free while unlocking the other requires Starlight Membership. Each talent page saves your current build. You can choose different emblem sets and talent pages while picking heroes.
  • Special Attribute Description;
    – Hybrid PEN: Each hybrid PEN grants 1 physical and magic PEN.
    – Hybrid Regen: Each hybrid regen grants 1 HP and mana regen.

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