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National Arena Contest Join – Rules


Here the rules, you can learn the rules about National Arena Contest. You can join and fight for your country! What requirements, what are the rewards? What are the likes used for?

National Arena Contest Rules

Arena Contest Opening Time

Race card will update daily. Every player can take part in one contest game at most per day.

Arena Contest Participation Means

When the countdown timer shows 0 in Today’s Races, players from participant countries (according to player’s national flag) can click Join Now button and enter preparation page of national contest.

On the preparation page, click the button ‘Fight for your country’ to register. The system will choose 5 best players among all registered players to form a team according to corresponding conditions.

Arena Contest Requirements


  • Players must be from the participant countries.
  • A rank division of Master or above is required.
  • Network connection must be stable with a PING lower than 60ms.

Arena Contest Sessions

Every session of national contest includes 3 games. The 2nd game will start immediately when the 1st game ends. The 3rd game will be held no matter if a team win 2 games in a row or not.

Arena Contest Rewards

Every contest will be broadcasted live globally. The gifts sent by other players will be converted to diamonds and give to the participants.

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My country Australia and India is never in the arena contest and I believe we have enough players from those countries so why don’t we have matches for those two countries?


Assolt prince

Im indian i will challenge u. I will defetd u ok


can i conduct a tournament in my school with my friend and school mate


Whenever i see on screen it’s says your network is not good.why i can’t join country contest…….i overwhelming to join contest……..let me join in country contest i,ll show u how i playing………

pangeran 1

pangeran 1