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Mobile Legends: 1.1.54 Patch Breakdown


Welcome to the 1.1.54 Patch Breakdown. Today we breakdown a huge patch from Mobile Legends and I love where they are headed with the game. Check out the video to see my thoughts on all the changes and please comment below with some of your thoughts. Also check out our Ruby Reveal video linked below and see what The Little Red Hood is all about.

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Ruby: Hero Reveal – Mobile Legends – Little Red Hood video:

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How can i retrieve my account (MAIsTeam)? i lost my account when i unbind my Facebook and google account. ill reset the apps and uninstall it but its not appearing.


Hello … i get an problem with hayabusa watrrior please try to fix it ! When i use skill 2 sometime i cannot teleport please make back !!! Do not skip my message



pls upgrade bane, I love this hero