MLSI – Indonesian Team Competion


Hello Guys , now i’ll show you about tournament in indonesian.You know in indonesia to much play this game and right now let’s make tournament.We make it because we want to up skills player indonesian.So Check This Out.

MLSI – Indonesian Team Tournament
Registered Nick is not writable. The replacement of the nickname can be done before the date of April 26.
Capt determines the hour matches. Match results please in the SS and was given tothe Committee.

When nick who competed not in accordance with the reply is listed, it will be automatically disqualified.

Matches can be done at 12:00 s/d 23:00 EST
Delay matches max 10 minutes from time which is already specified. If the team is not complete at room/late log exceeds the time specified, it will be automatically disqualified.
Matches are performed as many as 3 x. When successive win 2 x, then automaticallyqualify for the next stage.

The Committee is not responsible for any problem in the game (Lag/Reconnect)

Above is the rules and tournament poster, remember tournament is only available in the country of indonesia. What about the countries you guys?
Thank You

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