MLBB Quiz Event

MLBB Quiz Event

Take the MLBB Quiz to learn more about the game and get huge rewards! Event Period: 2018.03.01 – 2018.03.14! Don’t forget the join this event. Let’s learn more detail from in Game about MLBB Quiz Event. Have fun with Mobile Legends!

MLBB Quiz Event Rules

  • You can get one MLBB Quiz by playing a classic/ranked game.
  • You can use your MLBB quiz in the Events Hall or in your bag to take part in ML Q&A.
  • In ML Q&A, the more right answers you give, the more rewards you will get.
  • In one ML Q&A, you have one chance to share the question to get the right answer.
  • You can sell your MLBB quizzes to for BP, when this event ends.

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