ML in Video, 3000 BPs


Mobile Legends Video Event, send your video and get the all rewards! And i am ready to upload my own video. Then look this rules and upload your video dude.

Speak out Your Love for ML in Video, Win 3000 BPs

Every day, there are many players from all over the world joining in battles of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Come and share your opinions on the game.

Answer following question in the form of uploading videos. You’ll have chances to win a gorgeous reward of 3000 BPs!

Answer This Questions in Your Video

  1. Where are you from? (Your country and city)
  2. Why do you think that Mobile Legends is fun?
  3. How do you like playing traditional 5v5 MOBA game on the phone? (You know, it always has a high requirement on players’ controls and cooperation to play MOBA games well.)
  4. How do you feel about matching players according to regions?
  5. Fun moments that you encountered in the game. (Optional)
  6. Have you ever made a Pneta Kill? How does it feel to get a Penta Kill on the mobile phone?
  7. If you like our game, what do you want to tell to other players loving MOBA games? (feel free to praise us)

Video Requirements

  • Answer those questions and shoot it as a video by yourself or with help of your friend. You must appear on camera.
  • Video graphics must be clear and without shake.
  • You can send us the video file to us directly or upload the video to YouTube and provide us the link. Submit to: [email protected] Please write down your GAME ID  and server in the email so as to send prizes.
  • You can answer the questions in your native language. However, if you are not using English, please write down your answers in email as well so that we can translate and subtitle them.
  • Your videos might be used in promos of Mobile Legends. Your submission will be considered as your acquiescence to this rule.


All players with valid submissions will receive: 1000 BPs + Random Emblem Fragment Packs x10(50 Fragments in total) + a Kagura Trial Card (3-day) + a Kagura Flower Season Trial Card (3-day)

Videos once published, the contributors will receive: 3000 BPs + Medium Random Emblem Fragment Packs x10 (200 Fragments in total) + a Double BP Card (3-day) + a Freya Trial Card (3-day) + a Kagura Trial Card (3-day) + a Kagura Flower Season Trial Card (3-day)

Thank you for your support. Mobile Legends is more wonderful with you!

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Sobrang ganda gamitin yung kagura pero hindi ko pa nabibili okay lang yun