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Layla Burst Damage Build


Hi everyone, today we have a new build for Layla, she is absolutely powerful marksman and have nice skills. First you can search about Layla’s skills. For example, “Layla Features”. By the way you hac always say your idea by commenting.

Layla? Oh, she’s just a chick that has the greatest range in game. Don’t underestimate her! She can deal loads chunk of damage in a single second. Try it for yourself. Layla is a marksman and also known as the Malafic Gunner of Mobile Legends!

Layla Difficulty: Average

Layla Skill Tips

Passive Skill Tip: Malefic Gun, This is important to Layla. Since layla doesn’t have any escape/utility skill, she’s relying on her range to outrun the enemy. Keeping your range will definitely improve your damage by 80-130%.

Skill 1 Tip: Malefic Bomb, This skill is skill shot based. You need to work on improving accuracy to maximize the skill’s damage. But wait, thanks to the auto aim feature, you don’t have to worry about that if you’re a beginner. This skill is Layla’s great for poking while keeping distance and great DPS because of its low cooldown.

Skill 2 Tip: Void Projectile, This skill is probably Layla’s annoying skill. It can slow an enemy by 55% which is a big deal for melee champions. It is useful for chasing down an enemy or to avoid being chased. This skill is great for poking as well.

Ulti: Destruction Rush, Layla’s ultimate skill. Very useful for finishing off an enemy. It has the greatest RANGE in game and that what makes LAYLA UNIQUE and overpowered!

Layla Skill Level Sequence

Malefic Bomb -> Void Projectile -> Malefic Bomb -> Destruction Rush-> Malefic Bomb
Note: Master Malefic Bomb first, then void projectile. Malefic bomb gives more DPS because of its low CD.

Layla Burst Attack Item Build

Firstly get this item:

Blade of Destruction


Endless Battle


Swift Boots


Scarlet Phantom


Hunter Strike

Finally get this item:

Blade of Despair

Thank you for everything, Tips from “JDale”.

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nice advice bro, it’s look like powerfull. l will try soon..


What about a build for super late game scenarios? What items do I change and need to buy or duplicate?




Late game items may vary depending on what your team needs and your opponent’s heavy attackers..
But as for individual, it’d be great if you could maxed out attack speed & crit items that have lifesteal abilities..
If your opponent’s attackers that target you are spell damage, then go for magic armor, if your opponent’s are physically​, go for normal armor..
Don’t forget to sell the shoes and switch it with another attacking items, preferably one that could pierce through opponent’s armors..

I’m still new to the game and still learning as well, especially in fine tuning of item building and balancing it to what my team’s need at that time to counter the enemies.. Pay attention if you’re facing two or three enemies that like to harass, keep close to your tower, don’t chase and especially NEVER EVER TOWER DIVING ALONE.. Layla is a carry, her time would come in late game so first blood is not her thing.. Just keep your lane to defend your tower in early game, keep pushing and try to sneak taking down towers in mid… Read more »

Man , i couldn’t agree more with you. But still there are LOTS of people who will never understand that =_=


Joidesme right , layla is a carry , no need chase first blood ,


Nice I got a another build that Layla have a yellow circle on her side and I forgot the build because its random