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Layla Attack Damage Build-Item

Mobile Legends Layla Attack Build

There are very good build for Layla Attack Items. Nice advices and tips for How to Play Layla? Which items best for her. Be MVP with this build! Layla Marksman.

She is a late game ADC got a terrible early game compared to Clint or Yi sun. Levels 1-3 are horrible never trade until level 4 unless you are in duo with Rafaela which is the best lane partner for Layla. If possible take mid lane and focus on power farming during the first 5-10 minutes of the game. Just clear the waves and go farm the jungle. Her powerspike is in level 12 when she got ultimate’s passive at max. (Max Range). Set to hit closest target and hit anything is in front of you, just stay in max range of your auto attack, remember you are inmobile if you screw your positioning you are dead. Stay as far away as possible. This suggestions from “yunior597” thank you for that.

Layla Attack Build-Item

Firstly: Endless Battle

Endless Battle


Endless Battle is by far the best sustain item for Layla since it fixes some of her problems of early game. (Mobility and Mana hungry) Also deals true damage and got some incredible passives.

Secondly: Swift Boots

Swift Boots


Best boots for Marksman Heroes…

Then: Thors Sting

Thors Sting


For Attack Speed, Movement Speed and Crit! Nice item.

Then: Scarlet Phantom

Scarlet Phantom

Of course its passive very nice for Marksman Heroes, and 40% attack speed is very well.

Then: Blade of Destruction

Blade of Destruction

+75 Physical Attack and item’s passive! Very nice item for build.

Finally get this item: Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair


Omg, +130 Physical Attack! And of course item’s passive very well for Layla Build. And Also if your enemies are too tanky you should swap Blade of despair for Wind Chaser.

Shortly Gear Combination for Layla

Mobile Legends Layla Attack Build tem

Recommended Ability for Layla


Mobile Legends Assault

Recommended Emblem Set for Layla

Physical Emblem Set

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Random :P
My build is all about ASPD plus CRT with a bit of Life Steal. So far, it’s the best possible build for me when I take on the offensive side. First is Tooth of Greed, then Scarlet Phantom for speed. Then the third one is Blade of Destruction. Blade of Despair or Wind Chaser when the enemy has a tank or has a lot of tanky short rangers, one of these two comes next depending on the situation. At this point, I am invincible to attacks since the life steal + ASPD combination is awesome; I can even go against… Read more »

thank you for sharing


I disagree with this build, I would strongly suggest mine which i have almost all time MVP !!! Here is a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNF0PgSHUk8
Of course if you disagree let me know !


cunt. what build?


What is your build? Can I take a look? Because right now for me Clint is not that strong as before 🙁 He didn’t even get any nerfs but he is kinda weak right now in my opinion. Soo right now I am looking for an amazing build for Layla.

Giordan Matthew Y. Geminiano
Giordan Matthew Y. Geminiano

can i reguest juan dela cruz tagapag bantay ng bakal na cruz

James Reid

i can’t find thor’s sting. it is missing.


well, I guess u r new in the game.
The name of the items changed with the game update.


Please update the site…