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Lapu Lapu First Look Abilities & Price!


GregLeagueGaming and I delve deep into Lapu Lapu’s abilities and discuss what we think about him. Check out his abilities, release date and week 1 discount. Lapu looks great and we’re really looking forward to seeing him in action. What do you think of Lapu Lapu’s abilities?

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Why they don’t release the new update of this new hero? One more question if they will release when will they do?????

Hi I am mobile legends myanmar player Lapu Lapu is using 4 skills in MLBB. One of them is passive and the rest are casters. His passive skill is Hero’s Faith. Every time Lapu Lapu casts a skill, his basic attack will deal extra damage. His first skill is Justice Blade. In twin blade state, Lapu Lapu casts two boomerang blades that deal physical damage. In heavy sword, he cast a sword-wheel that also deals physical damage but slows the enemy at the same time. His next skill is Brave Stance. In twin blade state he dashes forwards, deals physical… Read more »