Kagura High AP Build


You can buy the very high magic power items. Then you have very dangerous damage. But it’s important, you must take a good position and always look the map. Also, if your team has a nice tank hero(example tank balmond or tank freya), you can select Kagura and you can buy high AP items. If you don’t have idea about Kagura you can search in Mobile-Legends.Net. Good games 🙂

Hey! Don’t forget, you can click item name. For information about the item, just click the item name.

Let start:

Kagura High AP Build

Firstly get this item:

Guardian Relic


Arcane Boots


Enchanted Talisman


Astral Wand


Fleeting Time

Finally buy this item:

Blood Wings

You can sell your boots, when the late game.

If you will sell your boots, then buy this item:

for More AP-Regen-Movement Speed:


for AP-HP-Mana:

Eternal Scepter

It’s gonna work on the Mobile Legends. Please don’t forget to comment.

Note: By commenting, you can help to get information about Kagura High AP items.

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Thx for everything 🙂

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